My Favourite Free Apps For Parents and Baby

My Favourite Free Apps For Parents and Baby_550
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Nowadays we seem to rely on our Iphone’s and smartphones more and more. I know I am always checking to see if my train is running on time, what the weather is going to be at home and work, what tube doors I should use to make sure I get out near the station steps (I know, I am that sad!). Well their are Apps out there which can be a great help for mums, dads, and little ones.
Here is my run down of some of the apps out there for parents. There are so many to choose from, the good, the bad, and the ugly. These are my tip of the iceberg of the apps I think look useful or which have been recommended! You might just find one which will change your life, or maybe you will find one which will be the best thing since sliced bread for a day or two and then will sit as a lonely untapped icon for months and months before you pop it into the recycle bin!

Toddler Lock

Toddlerlock App for Parents
This app will turn your precious phone into a baby toy.
If you are happy to let your little one hold onto your phone for a while then this app will keep them busy and let you get on with whatever it is you need to do for a few minutes. You can have 5 minutes of peace whilst you are driving to the supermarket, or get a few minutes respite whilst you are trying to catch up with the gossip at the café.
Its a really simple app but really useful.
It locks your phone and entertains your toddler all with a couple of clicks.
Its a simple two step process for a quiet few minutes: step one ~ launch Toddler Lock, step two ~ hand phone to your toddler. It really is as easy as that. Your little one can draw on the black background with their fingers or tapping the screen creates different shapes and colours.
The app can keep them happy and entertained for a few minutes whilst you get on with whatever you need to.
You can set a combination of keys or screen taps to unlock the phone.
If you can be 100% confident that your little one won’t drop your phone or throw it against the wall then this just might be the perfect app for you.

White Noise

White Noise App for Parents
Screaming babies and tantrumming toddlers can easily make you lose your mind and think you are living in a crazy world.
Help is at hand with the White Noise app.
The App simply plays some ‘white noise’, some relaxing natural sounds to aid your relaxation, or to help you sleep. This is a great App for when you need to relax, but what I was surprised to discover was that these soothing and relaxing sounds will have the same effect on your little one.
Its so easy to select the sound you want, adjust the volume, set a shut off timer, or an alarm.
Using the editing function you can alter the pitch and pace of the effect and mix and match the effects to create your perfect ambient sound.
The free version of this app has less sounds to choose from, but enough to keep you relaxed and to soothe your crying little one. To put it quite simply: White Noise equals relaxation equals sleep better equals feel better.

Sit Or Squat

Sit or Squat App for Parents
This app is equally as useful for when you are pregnant as it is for when the kids have arrived, in fact this app is pretty darned useful for just about anyone.
When you are out and about, especially with young children, its always useful to know where the nearest public toilet is and this app will do just that for you.
Even better than that, registered users can ‘rate’ the toilet facilities and you will know beforehand whether you are going to have to sit or squat! Photo’s can be uploaded and reviews can be given.
You can choose the nicest rest room out of the closest to you.
‘I need the loo’, ‘I really need a wee’, ‘I’ve got to go’ these are questions parents hear so often, with the Sit Or Squat App you will be able to answer with confidence and, hopefully, no more weeing in gutters or drains for your little ones!


Babyphone App for Parents
This fantastic app turns your mobile into a baby monitor, it will call you on a chosen number (the home phone, your partners phone) when your baby is awake.
You can set the sensitivity to your desired level, setting it high will even notify you if your baby moves.
Make sure you have enough battery power, or plug your phone in near the crib and keep the other phone with you, or near you and you have your own ultra effective Baby Monitor, this really is a great and useful app.

Potty Chart

Pottychart App for Parents
You know those reward charts which can be so useful with little ones? A star for good behaviour and once they get 10 stars they get a treat.
This is quite simply one of those charts on your phone designed specifically for potty training.
You have both a pee and a poo chart and after 12 successful visits your little one gets their reward!
Great for making sure your little one gets their potty points even when you are out and about! The app also has tips and hints for toilet training and even comes with the sound of running water to help nature take its course!


iLetdown App for Parents
Been looking for a phone app which will stimulate your milk ejection reflex?
If the answer is Yes then the iLetDown is quite possibly the best app for you!!
If you need to express milk at work, or in a stressful environment, it might not be that easy, this app will help you by giving you psychovisual and psychoacoustic cues.
And if you want to know what all of that actually means, if you strap on your pump and click on iLetDown on your phone you will see a photograph of a baby (easy to make it your own baby’s photo) and you can listen to the sound of a hungry baby, putting you in the right mind for pumping.


Postino App for Parents
This is a really cute app which will come in so useful to send a lovely picture of your little one to your parents, parents in law, grandparents.
Infact just send it to anyone and everyone who you want to show off to about just how cute your little fella or little lady is!
It doesn’t just send out a picture message, or an e-postcard, it actually turns your picture and message into a proper postcard and sends it through the post to your loved ones.
You just pay the postage.
The cards take about 4 days to reach the recipient and each one costs £1.99, sometimes they have deals where you can buy a ‘pack’ cheaper.
Payments are easy and safe via Paypal.
Take a pic, add a border or effect, write your message and you can even ‘sign’ it using your finger, or your little one can put their squiggle on it too. A great fun app for proud parents!


Lucyphone App for Parents
Ever been stuck on hold by the bank or utilities people, or stuck in a queue when trying to get through to a box office or a complaints department.
With a little bambino about you have probably got more important things to do then trying to hold a phone between your ear and your shoulder as you try and feed or entertain them.
Well let this great app do the waiting for you. Hang up and let LucyPhone call you back when a human being is on the other end of the phone, the customer service guy or girl gets told to press a button to call you back.
A really good app which does what good apps really should do, it finds a problem and solves it for you making your life that little bit easier.

Birthday Notification

Birthday Notification App for Parents
When your kids start to get to toddler age you start to have to remember a lot more birthdays than you ever had to before.
Actually as soon as baby is born, your circle of friends will grow with more mummys and their babies.
With this nifty little app remembering gets a lot easier for you, you can input all your birthdays, import them from Facebook, and you will get an email or push notification.
Set up if you want daily, weekly, or monthly reminders and you will never again have those awkward ‘sorry I forgot your birthday’ conversations.


Shopsavvy App for Parents
When the little ones come the purse strings will start getting a bit tighter so Shopsavvy could be your new best friend.
Snap a quick picture of an item’s bar code and Shopsavvy will figure out what the item is and send itself out across the web for price comparisons.
Its a great app to take out with you when shopping, its easy to use and is going to save you money.
So, there we have it Babywearingworld’s Ten Terrific Apps for your phones or Ipads. Most of these are available on both iPhone and Android. Hope these help you and your friends and if you have an app which helps you out, pass it on, I would love to hear all about it and perhaps add it to our list.