Liberty Ring Sling: Our Review

Ring Slings are great for those parents who love the idea of traditional Babywearing but are not quite ready or confident enough to go the whole hog and wear your baby wrapped to your body with a wrap requiring all the knots and tying techniques which you might just not have enough time for in your busy life. These have all the close baby benefits you get from Babywearing but with out the hassle.
The Liberty Ring Slings are a UK company making comfortable baby slings, carriers, pouch slings and have recently introduced the gorgoeus snuggly swaddle pod. Their Ring Slings are made from top quality fabrics and are 100% washable. They are crafted by a UK based team of seamstresses.
Babywearing can get both you and baby hot, and the last thing either of you wants is to arrive somewhere a sweaty mess, with this in mind the Liberty Ring Sling is made in breathable cotton, allowing both of you to stay at a comfortable temperature.
Liberty Ring Sling 2
As with all Ring Slings the two ‘rails’ are independently adjustable meaning you can find a perfect fit regardless of your height or build, this also means it is really easy to share this ring sling between yourself and your other half. The Liberty Sling comes with a great fanned shoulder which will help to evenly distribute the weight of baby across your shoulder and back.
This sling is perfectly safe from Newborns through to toddler, 35lbs is the maximum recommended weight. A baby is the sling will comfortably lay in the natural fetal position when laying, and with some practise as your little one gets older they can comfortably sit with legs out of the sling and the spine will not hold all the weight of baby, unlike carriers where baby is hanging with legs apart. There are loads of other positions to master with ease, front facing, rear facing, cradle, hip carry, back carry, this means that the sling will last you some time as baby grows and his or her needs change.
Liberty Ring Sling 3
The Liberty Ring Sling is washable at 60 degrees, and dries really quickly, which is exactly what you need with a baby product. This sling will also fold up nice and neatly and probably fit in your handbag which means you can take it everywhere with you and its easy to whip it out, pop it over your shoulder and put your restless little one in it for some discreet breast feeding or just for a cuddle and a calm down.