Babasling Pouch Sling: Our Review

Babasling Pouch Sling 1
The wonders of the world came in seven, but also did the deadly sins ….. so how will the Babasling score with it’s seven carrying positions; a wonder or a sin? Seeing as it is on this site, I guess you already know the answer to the question, as I am not in the habit of recommending something I don’t think is great, so the Babasling in my opinion is one of the Wonders of the Babywearing world!
Babasling Ltd are a small UK based company working in East Sussex, they are passionate about developing and designing vital products for the modern family, simple, comfortable to wear, and stylish. The company is hugely passionate about Babywearing and want to constantly evolve and improve their Babywearing products to simplify raising children. The Babasling is testament to this.
Babasling Pouch Sling 2
The Babasling is at first glance a simple fabric, over the shoulder baby sling, but it has the added benefits of a fastening buckle and a safety buckle, so you can get the prefect fit for you and baby, and also the perfect fit and setting for your chosen carrying position. Its important to note that the Babasling can’t be altered whilst you are Babywearing so you need to get it set right before you put baby into it, so if you are going to be swapping shoulders a lot or swapping wearers a lot you’ll need to remember to re-adjust. This of course also means that the sling is great for sharing between partners, as you have great flexibility in size of wearer.
The Babasling is used, as any sling, to help you to carry baby as you would carry them with your arms, but in a hands free fashion. It is great for around the house Babywearing, or short trips outdoors. The structure of the sling makes it great for newborns, and you will find they fall asleep quickly and comfortably in the pouches snug interior, but also the Pouch will grow with the child and the variety of carrying positions mean that the Babasling is great for 2 yrs plus.
Babasling Pouch Sling 3
The instruction that come with the Babasling are really useful and explain fully the different carrying positions, my advise would be to practise first either with a doll or with a patient little one, as it will take a few attempts to master the different ways of Babywearing, but after a few goes like anything you will quickly master it.
The Babasling comes in a rainbow of colours, so you can choose one which matches you favourite shoes, or choose a sedate colour for husband! They fold up nice and neat and even come with a lovely little bag to keep it in.
Great value, great design, and great flexibility makes Babasling one of the best pouch slings on the market.
  • Designed to carry babies and toddlers (0-2yr+ / 4.5lbs-33lbs / 2kg – 15kg)
  • Has 5 different carrying positions and 2 breast-feeding positions
  • One size fits all, adjusts in seconds
  • Made from 100% cotton that is both durable and breathable
  • Tested to safety standard BS EN 13209-2:2005 Soft Carriers
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Recommended maximum washing temperature is 40°C
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron sling using steam or dry at 200°C
  • Do not tumble dry