Wallaboo Pouch Sling: Our Review

Wallaboo Pouch 1
Wallaboo is a Dutch company run by Jose Kok, they specialize in cosy baby wraps, blankets with hoods, diaper bags, and adorable footmuffs, and they have recently launched the Wallaboo Pouch Sling onto the market.
The story of Wallaboo goes that Jose was tired of not finding exactly what she was after out there and so she took an old suede jacket and cut and sewed it into a beautiful and functional footmuff, and from there the idea for Wallaboo was born.
Wallaboo’s aim is to produce a beautiful and practical range of baby items for use for Baby’s on the Road. Their motto is ‘Its easy when its beautiful’. They create designs which give a warm, soft and caring environment for baby, designs which take care of baby and make them feel loved.
The name Wallaboo is taken from the wallaby, the baby wallaby sits comfortably and snugly in the mothers pouch, and it is an apt name for these wonderful pouch sling.
Wallaboo Slings come in two materials: micro fibre suede with a 100% cotton terry lining, or a cotton sling made from 100% cotton. The sling has a numbered Velcro fitting system on the back, meaning you can adjust the sling to get the perfect fit and as long as you remember which number you tightened the Velcro to, then next time you use the sling it will be a piece of cake getting it to the right fit. Both you and your partner can share the sling with ease using this system.
Wallaboo Pouch 2
Wallaboo recommends using the sling in three different positions: SLEEP, SEAT, and ACTIVE. The sling makes breastfeeding easy on the go, and discrete, and is suitable for 4lbs to 28lbs infants. These slings are tested to the highest standards and the seams and closures have been checked for stretching, and after 50,000 moves with a weight of 15 kilos they showed no sign of stretch or movement.
The sling is currently available in 8 colours, meaning you can choose the perfect match for you and baby, and if your other half doesn’t want to use your Poppy Red sling then he can happily choose the Moonless Night Black sling!
All the slings are washable at 30°, although with them being strong colours it is probably best advised that you wash them separately. The fabrics are fully tested for use with bay products meaning they are free from allergens and pollutants, and are therefore perfectly chewable, lickable and suckable!
A great sling, cosy, practical, stylish and safe ….. what more could you or baby want.
  • Innovative adjustable shoulder strap for a perfect fit
  • Full-front opening for easy positioning
  • Inside bottom edge is padded to give extra comfort
  • Rotates to left or right shoulder
  • Pre-shaped for secure fit and easy movement
  • Offers 3 organic positions: Sit, Sleep, Active
  • 100% pure cotton
  • Supportive to your back and shoulders
  • Makes breast feeding on the go simple and discreet
  • Suitable from 2 kg / 4 lbs to 13 kg / 28 lbs
  • Tested according to EU safety standard EN13209-2
  • The Wallaboo slings are available in 8 eye-catching colours – Poppy Red, Toffee, Sun Orange, True Blue, Moonless Night, Black, Lily Green, Ecru, and Chocolate
Wallaboo Pouch Sling 4