Koo Di Hip Carrier: Our Review

Koo Di Hip Carrier 3
Off on holiday or a short trip, and don’t want to pack too much luggage, could do without a bulky carrier or buggy making your baggage too heavy, well Koo-Di may have the solution for you with the Pack It! Hip carrier
Koo-Di are a young and funky company who pride themselves on being the company who create products for parents providing solutions which will make you think ‘why didn’t I think of that’. They want to give busy Mums and Dads an easier life, more time to have fun with little ones, and more money: their products are often really good value for money.
The Pack-It range was designed specifically for parents who want to travel, and travel light! The products in this range are lightweight, practical and compact. Holiday and travel essentials for parents packed up into a neat little bag and ready for packing. The Koo-Di Pack It! Hip Carrier is one of these products and could be an essential for any parent of a little one.
Koo Di Hip Carrier 5
The Koo-Di Pack It! Hip Carrier was designed specifically for when your toddler insists they want to walk, and you decide to leave behind your stroller or buggy only for ten minutes later your little one to tell you their legs are tired and they need to be carried. Neatly packed away into its tiny pocket, like those old pack-a-mac kagouls we all used to have in the 80s, the Hip carrier can be unpacked quickly, popped on, and hey presto you have an instant and sturdy hip carrier to support your toddler’s weight which means you are hands free and your arms don’t get tired carrying your tired toddler.
This Carrier reminds me of a sling but is for older children than you would carry in a sling, and allows you to carry your little one on either hip. There is an adjustable waist strap which is fastened above the hip with a security clip. Your passenger sits in the pouch facing you with their legs either side of your desired hip. The adjustable shoulder strap then pulls over both of your heads and sits across your body like carrying a bag, this strap has some padding so it is comfortable on your shoulder. There is also an added ‘seat belt’ for younger passengers which can be secured under your child’s arms.
Koo Di Hip Carrier 4
The instructions for folding up and packing away the Koo-Di hip carrier are handily printed on the inside of the carrier. The real beauty of this carrier is it’s compactness. If you are after a carrier for taking on holiday with you, for carrying around on days when you might want to switch between buggy and carrier this could be the ideal accessory for you. You can easily put this into your changing bag or backpack, it also has a strap fastened by poppers which means you can hang it on your pushchair, or supermarket trolley easily.
The shoulder strap can be slightly uncomfortable after a¬† long period of carrying, and some reviews mention it digs slightly on the neck, but the strap is fully adjustable and as with all carriers it might take a few attempts before you find the perfect carry for you, so don’t give up on it. When you child is sitting in the harness it is tricky to adjust the straps, so maybe have a few trial runs at home with your partner close by as your extra pair of hands to do some of the adjusting whilst you are wearing the Pack It! Hip Carrier, the shoulder strap is padded so with some trail and error any rubbing or pinching should be eliminated.
Koo Di Hip Carrier 2
The Koo Di Pack it! Hip carrier is a terrific compact product for travel or short journeys, or short bouts of Babywearing. Its great for carrying with you when you don’t want to take your big carrier out with you, or your buggy, a really handy accessory you can pull out of your bag, sling on quickly and pop in an unsettled or tired little one. Not recommended for full time use, but at these prices what do you expect. One of those handy items to make a changing bag essential. Available in Red or Black.
  • Ideal for carrying a tired toddler without tiring your arms!
  • Suitable from approx. 6 to 30 months when an infant can support their own head and to a maximum weight of 15kgs
  • The padded shoulder strap gives additional support and comfort
  • Waist harness to hold child securely
  • Packs quickly and neatly into the integrated pocket
  • Can be worn on either the left or right hip
  • Front storage pocket
  • Machine washable at 40oC
  • Available in: Black & Red