Hippychick Hipseat: Our Review

Hippychick Hipseat 4
Hippychick was founded back in the late nineties by Julia Minchen with the invention of her first product the Hippychick Hipseat.
Now over ten years later Hippychick has gone from strength to strength with a whole range of products to make family life easier. The Hippychick Hipseat is still one of their top sellers, and is an award winner with a gold award from Practical Pre-School in 2009, Silver Award from Practical Parenting and Pregnancy 09/10 and most recently a Silver from Loved By Parents in 2011.
Hippychick has gone from being Julia and her ex-bobby husband Jeremy juggling business and children from home, to a 16 strong company from Bridgwater supplying such retailers as Boots, Tesco, John Lewis, Mothercare and Harrods with Hippychick Hipseats and all their other range of goods which are beneficial to children and parents.
The Hippychick Hipseat could quite easily become your best friend, it is a comfy little seat which you strap around your waist and will allow you to carry your little one naturally upon your hip without any strain on your back.
Hippychick Hipseat 3
One of the most common root causes of back pain in parents of little ones is from carrying them around, when carrying a child on the hip to support this extra weight you can twist your spine slightly and this can cause loads of problems, now and later.
The Hipseat from Hippychick will allow your to keep the back straight and the child will be tucked into your chest, providing not only comfort for you and your back, but security for both you and your child. The padded foam shelf, or seat, gives your child a firm shelf to sit on and will support their weight from underneath.
The Hipseat is recommended by numerous osteopath and chiropractors as a great aid or eliminator of common back pain in parents. The strap or belt which you fasten around your back, not only helps you when carrying your youngster but acts as a lumber support for you and your spine.
As opposed to other carriers where you are taking the majority of weight and strain in the shoulders and back, the Hipseat takes the weight from underneath the child, and spreads it across your waist, hips and pelvis.
Hippychick Hipseat 2
The Hipseat is not only really functional and beneficial to your health, it is also comfortable.
As with any of the carriers I recommend on this site it does take a little bit of experimenting and adjusting to find your prefect fit.
The foam padded seat should sit snuggly on you, just above your right hip.
Take hold of an end of the Hipseat in both hands with the strap or belt behind you back, take a breath, and then wrap the belt around you, bringing the left hand as far across to the right as possible and then place the right hand end as far to the left side as possible, sticking the Velcro together when tight. Then adjust, fasten and tighten the canvas safety strap to support the Velcro. For a left hip carry just swivel the seat around the front of your body to your left hip making sure that the safety strap remains tight enough for carrying.
The Hipseat is perfect for wearing around the house, especially if your little one is feeling a bit grumpy and is needing a lot of love and attention.
Carry one with you in the car, so if you need to just nip out into the shops you can pop it on and take baby with you without having to worry about getting a buggy out of the car, or messing about with the car seat, this is also great for use on the school run.
The Hipseat would be lovely for a trip round a museum or gallery, so that your little one can see the exhibits along with you. It is also a terrific help when traveling, at the airports after you check in your pushchair, train stations, the underground, places you could do without lugging around your stroller or buggy.
Another benefit is the inward facing pockets which will keep everything nice and safe and close to you, excellent for keeping money and passports safe.
Hippychick Hipseat 2
I guess as well as all the practical benefits of the Hippychick Hipseat we also have the added benefit that the Hipseat encourages interaction. Y
ou and baby are together at the same level which means chatting and fun is easy. Mums and Dads can chatter with their little ones easily, singing together, talking about what is around them, and seeing the world together at the same level.
Some Mums have also commented that they think their little ones advanced language skills are down to their child being up with them in the Hipseat and not down near the ground in a buggy.
The downsides to this kind of carrier are that you are not hands free like you are with most of the other carriers, you need a free hand of arm to support your passenger, but one free hand is better than no free hands, and you will be surprised how much you can get done one handed and also the small pockets are hard to get into once you have a passenger and are too small for wipes, which I found a bit annoying.
The Hippychick Hipseat is a really great addition to any Babywearers life, it is so easy to get your little one on and off, it is washable, wipe clean, and sturdy without being complicated, and a safe journey for you both. It is one of those items which you wondered how you ever lived without, and something which you will get a lot of admiring comments and questions about when you are wearing it around town.
It comes in seven stylish colours and nothing too girly so both you and your other half can share it. And I’ve left it to the very end, but its never too late to add a bit of a cheesy cliché: Its Hip to be Hip!
  • Endorsed and recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapist’s, health centres and osteopaths
  • Flexibility to fits all sizes (extension available for plus size wearers)
  • Fully tested by British Standards Institute
  • Removable lightweight seat
  • Simple, practical and easy to use
  • Secure inner pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for children aged 6 months – 3 years