Scootababy Hip Carrier: Our Review

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Scootababy is the most structured and traditionally ‘Babywearing’ of the Hip Carriers out there, and for a lot of Mums and Dads it really is the preferred Baby Carrier because of the inherently natural way we all love carrying our kids on our hips, this allows us to do that but hands free!
Audra Meng is the founder and designer of the Scootababy, a full time Mum in the US and a full time lover of Babywearing. Audra had used Babywearing as a way of soothing her first son. Slings and front facing carriers saved her sanity with her ‘spirited’ little one! One thing she couldn’t find then was a way of carrying her little one in the most natural position, with him straddling her hip, she wanted something comfortable, convenient, stylish, and without fuss, the last thing she wanted was lots of fastening, adjusting and readjusting getting him in and out. There was nothing out there, and so using her PhD in bioengineering she set out designing and creating her perfect carrier. The result is the Scootababy, a USA manufactured  carrier giving you and your child freedom, closeness and comfort.
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The Scootababy is recommended for use from when your baby is able to independently hold up his or her head, usually 4 to 6 months, and can be used for little ones up to 37lbs. You will know when to start using the Scootababy because it will be the time when quite naturally you begin to want to carry them on your side, on your hip.
Designed to be worn on either shoulder, depending on which side you want baby to sit.  Simply place the baby seat on your desired hip, then fasten the buckle on the waist belt and tighten it securely around your waist, there is even a small pad which you can slide round to place on your opposite hip for extra comfort. Whilst the waist is strap is around you and the shoulder strap is loose use this time to adjust the shoulder strap to the desired length, it is easiest to tighten the back strap to the desired length now, and loosen the front strap, and then you will only have to adjust and tigten the front strap when your passenger is in the Scootababy. Now its time to pop baby squarely over the seat and pull the seat up over baby’s back and pull the loop over baby’s back and both your heads. The fleecy panel should cup your shoulder, you can now tighten the shoulder strap taking out any slack and pulling baby close to you, which not only makes them feel more secure but will keep the weight closer to your centre of gravity.
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The shell and trim of the carrier are made from 100% cotton twill and come in 7 designs and colours, from flowery to camouflage, to more simple taupe or black, there is a perfect design out there for you, and probably one which both you and your other half will love to share. The Scootababy is machine washable on a cold wash and air dried flat, ironing fleece would ruin it, it can also be kept clean with regular spot cleaning with a damp cloth.
The Scootababy is wonderful for when you little one is at that up down, up down age. You don’t want to have to tie them into a Mei Tai only for them to want to get down again in five minutes. It is comfortable, really easy to use, and can be shared between partners, and little ones! It is great for around the house, for using public transport or for a trip to the shops when your toddler will want to walk there, but probably want to hitch a ride back. The beauty of the Scootababy is that baby is up at your level, seeing the world as you do, and at the perfect level for a chat or sing song along your journeys together. You have great eye contact with your passenger, close enough for a cuddle and kiss.
  • A natural carrying position
  • It’s how you instinctively carry your child, only easier!
  • The Scootababy can be used for babies aged 5 months and up (to 37 pounds)
  • Face to face contact
  • Hands free – who doesn’t need an extra hand?
  • Comfort for adult and baby
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Lightly padded, shaped seat for baby
  • Supportive fleece shoulder is stretchy and conforms to shoulder without impeding arm movement
  • Wide, padded waist belt
  • Ease of use
  • Buckles easily adjusted with one hand – custom built for Scootababy
  • Quick up and down
  • Waist and shoulder straps adjust to fit most adults – no need to buy different sizes for different users
  • Folds compactly for storage on-the-go, and comes with a convenient nylon drawstring bag
  • Quality design, materials, and workmanship
  • Patent pending design from months of prototyping and testing
  • Streamlined design, stylish fabrics
  • Sturdy construction with reinforced seams, large custom buckles
  • Materials from U.S. suppliers: Polartec® fleece, 100% cotton chino twill, quilted microfibre lining, performance EVA foam
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