Easy Rider: Our Review

easy rider 2
The Easy Rider Hip Seat was originally made in 1995 and is still being produced to the highest quality in Germany today. It is an award winning Hip carrier, and in 2009 won the prestigious Silver Award in the Practical Pres-School Awards:
‘…The Easy Rider is a really effective way of carrying a heavy child in your arms without having to take the huge weight with your upper body. It can be useful around the house as well as outdoors – very useful in places where pushchair’s are not allowed. I would recommend the Easy Rider to parents..’
Do you carry your child around the house or out and about ‘On the Hip’. We all do, its a really easy way to carry them, its comfortable, and feels really natural, but it could be creating a lot of problems for your back, now and later in life. You will be poking a hip out at an unnatural angle and twisting your spine slightly which could lead to all manner of trouble for you down the line. The Easy Rider solves this problem by allowing you to carry your child on your hip with their weight being carried by the seat around your hip and not your hip, the strap worn around your waist to support your baby also acts as a lumber support, like a weight belt, for your lower back.
The medical profession agree that prolonged use of baby carriers which require all the weight being carried by the shoulders or spine will almost certainly lead to back problems in later life. After 6 months using a sling or harness can strain the spine and your muscles and can easily pull your spine out of shape.
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After 6 months of age, a Hip Carrier is a perfect carrier for slipping on and making picking up and carrying your little one for shorter journeys and distances really simple. After 6 months your baby’s bones should have developed and formed and it will be perfectly safe to carry your little one on the hip, before 6 months they are not recommended, but if you do use one for a child of this age then sit them facing away from you, the seat’s shape will mean they fall backwards into your body which can support their spine and back, but probably best and easiest to use a sling or harness for littler babies.
After a few tries and shifting the seats position around a little you will find the perfect position for you, we are all built a little differently, different sizes and shapes of ourselves and our babies means that the flexibility that comes with the Easy Rider Hip Seat gives you loads of options and can easily be shared between you and your partner, its even great for Nana and Granddad whose backs might feel the strain a little bit more than ours.
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Breath in while placing the Easy-Rider hip seat around your waist. Adjust the Velcro band to a snug fit and move the hip seat into position, slightly to the front works best. It’s important to secure it tightly to make the most of the hip seat’s weight bearing properties and, of course, to make it easier on you, and more secure for your passenger. Secure the belt by clipping the buckle, pull the extra webbing until the belt draws tight. Don’t over tighten the webbing – it is there for safety and a small amount of additional support – the Velcro waist band is designed to take the bulk of the weight. Breath out if you haven’t already done so. A slight tension should be noticeable when the fastener clip has snapped into its correct position. The clip MUST be closed at all times, when carrying a child on the seat. The child can be carried on either the left or right hip or in a forward position.Lift your child onto the seat with their legs either side of your hip, get them close to your body and in the centre of the seat. It is necessary you always have one arm around the child when they are on the seat – but don’t worry, your arm won’t get tired because there is no weight for it to carry. For men – because you don’t have child-bearing hips, initially place the Easy-Rider hip seat a little higher and make extra sure it is on tight for the best fit. You should encounter some resistance when you slide your hand in between your stomach and the belt.
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Carrying your child on the Easy Rider Hip Seat means your back, shoulders and arms can relax, one arms is supporting the child, but none of the weight, you will have better posture and no back strain.
The Hip carrier means that your child can sit comfortably and stay close to Mummy or Daddy for extra bonding, their head is pretty much level with your shoulder or chest, they can see what’s going on around them as well as being close to feel your breath, and hear your voice, and feel your body warmth. Hip carrying is great for around the house when you have a sulky or grisly little one who is needing lots of attention. Terrific for school runs if you have older children too, getting them from the car to school with baby riding on your hip couldn’t be easier. Anywhere you don’t want to take a buggy or stroller, and anywhere it would benefit you having your little one up at your level so they can see what you are seeing (art galleries, festivals, fetes). Trips to the shops when you don’t want to bother with the buggy are made easy with an Easy Rider. A Hip Seat is also a lifesaver at an airport after the buggy or stroller has been checked in, and the 4 pockets mean you can easily store passports and money safely.
Like all good baby products the Easy Rider is machine washable at 30 degrees, with a mild detergent, no bleach. Gentle ironing can smooth out any wrinkles, and light spot cleaning will get it looking as good as new.
The Easy Rider is a terrific carrier for either men or woman, its practical, comfortable, easy to use, stylish, and comes with a pocket big enough to store a disposable nappy in! And no review of the Easy Rider would be comlpete without a Peter Fonda quote from the film of the same name, as Captain America put it in the 1969 movie ‘I’m hip about time’ and with your little one riding in an Easy Rider you’ll be able to say that too!
  • 100% non-allergenic machine washable cotton cover
  • Four inner pockets for small items that need to be kept safe
  • Adjustable safety clip for extra security
  • Adjustable waist band that fits most sizes and evenly distributes the child’s weight around your waist, hips and pelvis
  • Large outer pocket for instant access to often needed items
  • Room for a disposable nappy under the seat cover
  • Padded foam inner for extra comfort