Introduction to Babywearing

There is a saying that a Baby should be in the womb for 18 months, 9 months inside the mother and 9 months outside. Babies are born with a desire for closeness and touch, with a need to feel safe, secure and snug, often the outside world is a huge and scary place when compared to that lovely warm safe womb, but what parent can spend the whole day holding their baby close …… well if you want to be that parent, if you want to keep baby safe and sound, secure and snug, and held and happy, but want to keep both hands free for everything else busy lives ask of busy Mums,¬†then welcome to the world of Babywearing.
Babywearing¬†is exactly what it says on the tin … it is a way of wearing your baby in a special Baby Carrier. Although Babywearing is fashionable and trendy nowadays, it is nothing new, infact Babywearing has been practised for centuries, but recently in our busy lives and busy world a whole new generation of Babywearers have hit the streets with their babies in specially designed babycarriers, sometimes even bespoke carriers, homemade or shop purchased.
Babywearing is here to stay, and has been proven to aid a baby’s development and make for happier and healthier little ones.
The Benefits of Babywearing
  • Babies cry less when carried
  • Will help to calm a baby with colic
  • Baby feels comforted
  • Wearer is more comfortable than having to carry babe in arms.
  • Gives you the mobility to get on with your daily life with baby in tow
  • Hands Free to care for other children
Here is a quick introduction to the different types and styles of Babywearing
  • a length of fabric attached to sturdy rings making an adjustable sling with a pouch or pocket which baby fits snuggly and safely inside
  • a length of fabric sewn into a loop, to be worn across the body as a sling with a curved pocket or ‘pouch’ for baby, these are easier to pop on and off, but lack the flexibility of a ring sling
  • Rectangular or Square body with four straps attached (shoulder and waist), worn as front, hip or back carriers with babies weight spread evenly across shoulders and hips
  • Inspired by the Mei Tai and rucksack/backpack design but with buckles to clip and close to hold baby in place. Usually with supportive shoulder padding and main supportive panel
  • For babies who can sit up on their own, over 4 months recommended, perching your baby on your hip with the help of a little support. These are probably best suited for short carries only but are fantastic for a quick fix of Babywearing
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