Using a Mei Tai Whilst Pregnant

Is it safe to Babywear when pregnant?
And also is it easy?
During pregnancy is often the time when your little ones can start to get extra clingy. It’s an exciting time for them to know that baby is growing inside mummy’s tummy. It can be a time when they start to get that little bit jealous, and so pregnancy is a great time to keep them close and comforted by wearing them.
But is it safe to Babywear when pregnant, and also is it easy? Well, the easy answer to both of these questions is yes. As long as you decide on the right babywearing technique for you and your changing body then it couldn’t be easier to strap baby on and get on with all your day to day chores. Obviously your body is changing and growing and with this your sense of balance and gravity can change, this doesn’t make it any less safe to carry on Babywearing it just means that you might have to wear baby a little higher or lower than normal.
I know of many Mums who have found pregnancy a great time to master the art of Babywearing on your back, and if you are great with a sling then this could be the answer for you, but I prefer to recommend a Mei Tai. These are more similar to the Ergo carriers (Babybjorn, Littlelife) but these are tied using straps, so there is much more flexibility. You can carry baby on the hip, high or low on your chest or belly, or even (with a little practise) on the back. The beauty of the Mei Tai is that the weight is equally distributed across both shoulders and both hips, and this really is a godsend when pregnant.
I have known Mums who have used their Mei Tai’s carrying around their little ones throughout all nine months of pregnancy
As Mei Tai’s are so wonderfully flexible teaching your partner how to wear it can be perfect for you to get a rest and give them and your little one some baby bonding time, much appreciated by him, by baby, and by you.
I have known Mums who have used their Mei Tai’s carrying around their little ones throughout all nine months of pregnancy, I have also known some Mums who have worn it until about 6 months and then decided it was time to put their feet up and rest so whichever you are I am sure that you will find your Mei Tai an amazing addition during your pregnancy:
keeping you comfortable, keeping baby comfortable, keeping baby close and loved at a time when emotions can be all over the place for you and baby, and also keeping baby out of harm’s way.
The last thing you need when you are carrying round your bump is to be running around after your other little one.
Have a look at some of the wonderful designs available, and choose one which is right for you. Believe me, you will look incredible and feel incredible wearing one baby close in your Mei Tai whilst carrying the other around inside your bump!
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