Sidekick Baby Bag: Our Review

Sidekick Bliss Bag Baby Carrier 4
Kimi Boal was a certified public accountant working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and trying to balance all her work with being a busy Mum, she enjoyed craft and sweing and would spend her free time creating and making stuff at home. Her pal Julia Young, also a busy Mum, would often ask Kimi where she had got some of her lovely things, dresses, tables, pictures, and Kimi would reply ‘oh, I made them’. One day Julia was out and about with her young son, he began to get tired and wanted to be picked up. Julia had left her Baby Carrier at home and to lighten the load she picked him up and tried a hip carry using her messenger bag as a holder. That was the light bulb, eureka moment, she took her idea to her crafty friend Kimi and soon they had a prototype which would become the Kemby Sidekick Baby Bag.
Kemby has grown and grown as a company and now they offer many different designs of beautiful baby bags, and are busy designing new and innovative products all with the purpose to enhance happy family living.
Sidekick Bliss Bag Baby Carrier 2 square
The Kemby Sidekick Baby Bag is, at first glance, a stylish nappy bag which will fit all of your ‘Mum goods’ but with a few simple steps and adjustments it transforms to become a child carrier perfect for trips out to the shops, the park, the zoo, and you don’t lose any of your storage space because the bag is still there for your little passenger to perch upon.
As a bag it really is top of the range, the designers being Mums themselves means they have thought of everything. A fully adjustable strap with a curved shoulder pad means you have a comfortable fit no matter your size, and you can wear it on either hip, giving you more comfort and an ergonomic fit for longer periods of wearing. With its unique design you can also wear it around your waist using the strap as a waist strap, like a massive bum bag. There are large slash pockets which will easily fit a magazine or even a kindle. The extra large opening of the bags main compartment gives you easier access to your bits and pieces, making it a lot easier to search for whatever has fallen to the very bottom of the bag (this is usually the one thing you need to grab quickly!) The features don’t stop there, you also get an insulated pouch for bottles or food, double side pockets, a mobile phone pocket, a key clip, and it also comes with a stylish changing pad.
Sidekick Bliss Bag Baby Carrier 1
The real beauty of the bag comes when you change it quickly and easily into a little comfortable, safe, secure and reliable nest for your child. To change the Sidekick from a bag to a baby carrier couldn’t be easier, the shoulder strap quickly changes into a secure fitted waist band, or belt. The pocket folds out and up to become the back rest for your little one, with a carrier strap attached. Once you have your little one on your hip sitting on the bag with the back rest behind him or her, you then put the carrier strap over both your heads and easily adjust it for a snug secure fit and you are ready to head off and about.
The Sidekick is suitable for baby’s who have good head control, so this is probably 4 months and over. If your baby is struggling with head control then please don’t use this astyle of carrier as you could cause whiplash. Hip Carriers are great for little ones because they can look around and see the world at your eye level and when things become a little bit too much, or they are slightly over stimulated it is just as easy for your little one to turn in for a cosy comforting snuggle, you can’t have this when a baby is in a front facing carrier.
Sidekick Bliss Bag Baby Carrier 5 square
The Sidekick is NOT machine washable, so do not try to clean it this way or immerse it in water. The Sidekick, however, is made from a water resitant and stain resistant material meaning it is completely wipe clean, and always looks brand new after a quick wipe.
The retro fabric on some of the designs means this bag is slightly feminine and probably won’t be every Dad’s favourite, but it is not too girly to completely put off men. Some of the bags come with a less patterned carrier compartment, so if you plan to share the load with your other half perhaps you could opt for the grey or yellow Sidekick Bliss Bag.
Most Mums who use the Sidekick find it a brilliant addition to their baby kit, it is perfect for airports, or for quick races out to the shops, the school run can also be a breeze with a Sidekick bag if you have older siblings who need to get to school in a rush. It means you don’t have to worry about taking a stroller out and about with you on every little trip, you know how it is when your little one is at that age when they want to walk everywhere, and the thought of the stroller or even a baby carrier might set them off, take your Sidekick bag with you and when their little legs get tired, or you need to get them from A to B that little bit quicker, pop them safely in the carrier and life is a lot easier for you both.
  • Versatile – wear over your shoulder, around your waist, or across your shoulder
  • Adjustable strap allows you to carry your baby on either hip
  • Baby-friendly fabric easily wipes clean
  • Key clip, cell phone pocket, and many easily accessed pockets for essentials
  • Double side pockets for bottles or sippy cups
  • Removable insulated bottle/snack pouch and changing pad
  • Designed for use by babies with good head control, weighing up to 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12′ high x 15′ wide x 4′ deep