Babywearing Books

Baby Reading Image to illustrate our guide to the babywearing books available. including a babywearing book (babywearing guide book), a childrens book on babywearing, and a book for new dads, a fun guide to fatherhood
Parenting books come in all shapes and sizes and on all manner of subjects, so I thought to myself there must be some books on Babywearing out there, and they are bound to include the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything I learnt about Babywearing I learnt from practice, from friends, or from the good old fashioned interweb ….. but for those of you who love to read a good book and if that is the way you learn I have had a gander at the bookshelf, looked at what’s available online and can give you a run down on some Babywearing books out there and you can see for yourself if they suit you, one serious, one for the kids to enjoy too, and one a bit of fun for us dads!

BABYWEARING by Maria Blois

Every aspect of babywearing is covered, from the ‘why’ to the ‘what’ (Which carrier is best for me?) to the ‘how.’ Each is treated in sufficient detail to leave the reader feeling well-equipped, but not in so much detail as to overwhelm.
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This is a good introduction to newcomers to Babywearing. The book has good look at the benefits of Babywearing for both mother and baby, practical, medical and psychological, along with a quick look at the history of babywearing, this is all great for newcomers.
The the book really comes into its own with chapters on all the different styles of cloth carriers, with details on where to buy them and how to make them, and detailed instructions on using them. The book demonstrates the different positions achieved with the different carriers and shows you the safest and most comfortable positions for little ones from newborn all the way to toddler, which makes it a great reference for all mums and carers. A terrific section on babywearing in special circumstances makes this book must-have for parents of babies with special needs, with information on babywearing for disabled parents, babywearing with disabled children, and the benefits of babywearing for adopted babies makes this book a must-have for some. Maria Blois also dedicates a section on how useful Kangaroo care, which is the close skin to skin contact which babywearing offers, can be for premature babies.
The how to make carriers and the instructions on using wraps and slings and carriers is really useful and informative but I guess the book could really use updating when it comes to where to buy the carriers, and it could also include some of the newer carriers out there on the market. A terrific book, which is informative whilst readable, and would make a great baby shower gift for anyone expecting or interested in babywearing.

A RIDE ON MOTHERS BACK by Emery Bernhard

It truly is a sweet little book that will encourage you to carry your baby and connect with someone else in the world who carries their baby too!
I get the same feeling of inner peace from this book that I receive in wearing my own babies and it is a joy to share this book with my children and others.
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This illustrated children’s book is a lovely addition to any nursery library, and its not just for babywearers! The book shows us a day in the life of baby carrying around the world, from the rainforests of Brazil, the river’s of Papua New Guinea, to the frozen Arctic.
We discover how and why babies are carried in many different cultures and we see the world through their eyes with beautiful folk art style illustrations.
This book is a great book to teach little ones about the vast diversity of land, life, and people on our planet, the different lifestyles and cultures of this world. The book introduces young readers and their parents to cultures around the world, showing us how they live, gather food, farm, where they live, but in all the cultures there is a common bond and that is the love for their children, it really is heartwarming and will make both reader and listener feel loved.
Kids used to babywearing, or perhaps children with younger siblings who are being carried by mum or dad will love to see different babies around the world being carried. A gorgeous and simple map on the inside cover shows where the different families live, so your child can start to put everything into place. There are so many books out there with babies in buggy’s and strollers but not many which actually show kids being carried and babywearing, so this is a terrific book to show your kids that they are normal and its not weird to have been carried in a sling or carrier.
One reviewer found one illustration of a topless tribeswoman offensive and said she may glue those pages together (I personally find her comment more offensive!) A wonderful book for both parents, babies, and toddlers, and again a wonderful gift for any mum or dad you know who is a babywearer ….. and it’s even a great gift for those who aren’t!

BABY BARBELLS by Joshua Levitt

This book is the best fathering book I have seen! …Written with wit and intelligence, and illustrated beautifully, this book provides guidance, inspiration and provocation to fathers to connect in the fullest way with their young children
I love this book, It is a treat and a treasure. Dr. Josh Levitt packs a punch of wit and wisdom about parenting and family health. The writing style is charming, very instructive and the drawings are awesome.
There is also tons of bonus material that doesn’t relate directly to a kid-dad workout, but instead is like a resource of really solid parenting advice. Not preachy, not complicated, just quality information from an expert delivered in a friendly way.
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Not actually about Babywearing, but we all know babywearing is a great way for dads to keep fit, and Dr Josh Levitt heartily recommends babywearing in these pages.
This is an amazing little book for dads, it is funny, friendly, but also makes great sense and teaches some valuable lessons along the way. It is full of exercises for dads whose gym membership has expired and whose exercise bike has been gathering cobwebs since the arrival of the new family member, these are great little exercises you can do with the baby, a way of bonding with baby, playing with baby and getting fit all at the same time.
It shows you easy exercises to do whilst carrying baby which will strengthen your muscles, but of course its not ‘really’ about keeping fit, its all about staying in shape both physically and emotionally. It is full of great advice (not least the joys of babywearing for fathers) on parenting and also in a matter of fact and non patronising way really looks at the way fatherhood changes our lives and the lessons learnt in this little fun book really will be invaluable to any dad.
The book has hard cardboard pages, like a baby book, and the illustrations are bright and fun, so whilst you are reading it your little one can enjoy it too, and the bonding can start immediately. The book is written in such a warm, fun, reassuring, sensible and positive way that it really is an incredible little book, a fitness manual for dads, and also a way of thinking and living, an inspirational resource for all the fathers and fathers to be out there.
This is hopefully part one of a continuing series of reviews on books about Babywearing, I would love to review any suggestions you may have so please get in touch and let me know what’s out there.