The Fisher Price Apptivity Case – a Baby iPhone

the Apptivity Case with a free Fisher Price App
When I was a child one of my favourite fisher price toys was the little pull along Chatter Phone, with its smiling face, bright red receiver and blue wheels. This went everywhere with me, and I was always making phone calls on it to imaginary friends and gabbling away, my parents say it was cute but to me I think it might have been just a wee bit ‘Carol Ann’ from Poltergeist! Times have changed and give a baby or toddler a Fisher Price Toy Phone and they probably wouldn’t even have a clue what it is supposed to be, our phones nowadays don’t exactly look like that anymore and so Fisher Price have introduced a new toy for todays i-babies!
This product is a must have for any parent that has sticky fingered children! After nearly losing one phone to my son I was told about this case and promptly bought it. My son loves it as he can still play with my phone (watching videos and fisher price apps) and also it’s safe so I know my phone won’t get broken!
The Fisher Price Apptivity Case is designed to be used along with Mum or Dads iPhone to keep your little one amused. We all know that a favourite toy for any little one is our car keys, house keys or normally now our iPhone. Babies love to copy us, they learn through imitation of adult life, all about the world they live in and nowadays technology is so much a part of our everyday life that even the youngest members of our families want to have a part of it.
a happy baby playing with an iPhone in the Apptivity Case
Your iPhone slips into the Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case and with a twist of the lock the phone becomes completely baby proof. The thick easy grasp handles are perfect for baby to hold, or gnaw, and with its rubberised handles should it slip and fall your iPhone is perfectly safe in its enclosure. Inside the Apptivity Case your iPhone is protected from slips, scraps, knocks, bumps, spills, and perhaps most importantly the clear film covering the screen is making it drool proof too! For those times when you need to make a call, familiarity with the toy means that baby will be kept happy and busy with just the case alone as it has rattles on the handles and a lovely shiny mirror on the back.
Retro Chatter Phone App from Fisher Price for use with an iPhone in the Apptivity Case
Chatterphone App for baby in the Fisherprice iphone toy case Apptivitie
But the best feature of all is that Fisher Price have also introduced a range of Apptivity Laugh and Learn Apps to download which can keep your little Apptivity professor busy for hours. The Chatter Phone Application even updates my old favourite toy for today’s generation and gives them an opportunity to play with the toy I used to love so much, albeit in a virtual way. The Daily Mail had a field day slating this toy a few months back, as they think it is a travesty that any Mum or Dad would give their child an iPhone to play with, and that it is teaching children how to call the police as one of the characters on the Chatter Box App is a policeman. I think the Daily Mail has never been in a restaurant with a restless baby and needed something to keep them amused for 10 minutes or so!
Apptivity 5
Baby playing with an iphone in the Fisher Price Apptivity Case
With the popular FaceTime App you could also pop the phone in the case and let your little one chat to Nana or Granddad for a few minutes without worrying about your phone returning to you and gunky, dribbly mess, and without them hanging up the call!
I personally think kids need books, and building toys, and roleplay toys, but there is certainly also room for this toy in my household. I am not ashamed or think I am a bad role model when I admit that babies love the lure of the iPhone and it is a handy and useful tool to keep them busy for 5 or 10 minutes whilst I get everyone else’s wellies, coats and scarfs on. It is also great to carry around if you are a babywearer because we all know the need to keep your other kit at a minimum when babwearing and if you are like me and never leave the house without your iPhone then perhaps make the Apptivity case another necessity for your kit bag.
The Fisher Price Apptivity Case is compatible with iPhone 1, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and the iPod touch 2G, 3G and 4G. It is suitable for 6 months plus.
the Fisher Price iCan Apptivity Case from the Laugh and Learn Range
Get yourself an Apptivity Case for under £15 and never again do you have to worry that baby is busy deleting all your numbers, sending an unreadable text to the boss, or busy increasing your bills with a long call to Bermuda!