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Diaper Dude is a US company started by a dad who wanted to introduce some fun and funky baby accessories onto the market aimed specifically at dads. They believe parenthood can be cool and uncomplicated and their baby changing bags reflect this cool outlook.
The Diaper Dude bag is available in a variety of colours and patterns, all made with the man of the house in mind. It is a Messenger bag style which means that everything is easily reachable. Dad’s changing bags used to be predominantly rucksack or backpack in design, this meant that it wasn’t very easy to grab something whilst on the go. I always try and recommend the messenger style of bag as a nappy bag because of its ease of access.
The Diaper Dude Bag has three zippered compartments on its front, and a large zippered main compartment which is also compartmentalised inside, which means that you can keep everything in its place and you won’t be forever searching for what you are after at the bottom of the bag. Diaper Dude even gives us clips for our keys and dongles, and a pocket for our mobile phone, keeping modern life firmly in mind.
The bags are durable, washable and practical, and the funky look will suit the more urban, funky dads out there with skull and crossbones, or oriental dragon designs, camouflage patterns, or simple red or navy.
On the downside the bag at 40cm by 35cm by 11.5cm is a little small compared to other bags out there, perfect for a one baby family but when you brood becomes bigger you will definitely be looking for a bigger man bag for day trips, and the mobile phone pocket is on the small side for today’s smart phones.
All in all a really funky and individual bag for urban dads with an eye on standing out from the crowd and keeping it ‘street’! And if you are an urban mum, why not try the Diaper Diva range!
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Babychanging Bags for Dads

Diaper Dudes range of dads nappy bags, dads diaper bags, dads changing bags, are funky and fashionable and functional and designed for fathers
The world of baby changing bags always used to be designed for mum. The bags available were flowery, flouncy, and gaudy, or in various pastel shades or sometimes complete with baby rabbits or cute ducklings and chicks printed on the fabric!
Unless a dad was proud to ‘channel his inner Gok’, he wouldn’t be seen dead with one of these girly bags.
Things have changed and whole heap of ‘man bags’ have hit the baby market. Diaper Bags for Dads have become the must have accessory for any trend setting metro man about town.
There are styles to suit any fella, and prices to suit any budget.
From sporty to cool, from messenger to retro satchel, gadget filled to business basics, we’ve looked around and chosen the best out there and where to find them.
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