Baby Changing Bags for Dads – The Bababing Day Tripper Paternity Satchel

Bababing Day Tripper Paternity Satchel at Amazon
As the name suggests this is a changing bag aimed squarely at the dads, it is a no nonsense, no fuss bag made in durable fabrics with all you need from a nappy bag.
Shortlist magazine chose this as the dads changing bag of choice for their Designer Dads Baby Kit.
Bababing have produced a great bag for a great price. In a simple but stylish City Black, or Mocha Choca Brown colour these bags will go with any look, from surf shorts and a t-shirt, to jeans and a polo, to your business suit, making you look effortlessly the stylish dad at all times. The bags are made from a strong and durable nylon, which Bababing advertises as being weather and batterproof! The satchel strap is quickly adjustable, and the fastenings are all chunky grip zips meaning it is easy to open with one hand and grab what you need when you need it. The insulated bottle holder on the side of the bag is a great addition, as is the shoulder pocket for your mobile phone, again this is too small for an iPhone so I recommend putting your cards in it, or your Oyster card if you are out and about in London.
The inside of the bag is roomy with plenty of space, mesh pockets for nappies, wipes, and food, a dummy hanger, and a detachable bottle holder. The pocket is easy to clean, which is a must when choosing a changing bag!
The Day Tripper Paternity Satchel also comes with an integrated and detachable supersized changing mat, and for an extra 8 quid you can get a soft towelling mat cover, compact, comfortable for baby, and fully machine washable for you! All the compartments are labeled so even learner dads can cope!
The flaw of the Bababing is that the batterproof nylon is so thick it means the bag might be a little bit too tough and strong, meaning grabbing stuff from it is not as easy as with some of the softer material bags out there, but on the other hand you can be sure this dad’s diaper bag is going to last!
With Bababing you are buying British so you can be sure that the product conforms with all the British Standards.

Babychanging Bags for Dads

Diaper Dudes range of dads nappy bags, dads diaper bags, dads changing bags, are funky and fashionable and functional and designed for fathers
The world of baby changing bags always used to be designed for mum. The bags available were flowery, flouncy, and gaudy, or in various pastel shades or sometimes complete with baby rabbits or cute ducklings and chicks printed on the fabric!
Unless a dad was proud to ‘channel his inner Gok’, he wouldn’t be seen dead with one of these girly bags.
Things have changed and whole heap of ‘man bags’ have hit the baby market. Diaper Bags for Dads have become the must have accessory for any trend setting metro man about town.
There are styles to suit any fella, and prices to suit any budget.
From sporty to cool, from messenger to retro satchel, gadget filled to business basics, we’ve looked around and chosen the best out there and where to find them.
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