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The Pacapod is not designed specifically for dads, it is a unisex bag, but it really is one dads will love thanks to its unique pod system and stylish design.
The creator of the Pacapod had a background in designing outdoor clothing, and was a round the world cyclist before becoming a parent, so they know that having a well organised changing bag is not just essential but can be liberating. The Pacapod is a firm favourite with celebrity parents, Jo Whiley and Jason Manford have both praised the bag highly.
The genius of the Pacapod is it’s three in one organising system, a changer pod, a feeder pod and a changing mat all included. A Messenger style bag with an extension panel means this bag is large enough for the whole family, it even comfortably carry’s a laptop! The shoulder strap is fully adjustable so this is a bag which both dad and mum can share, and the padded shoulder protector to keep you comfy. The changing mat is padded and has a cute little fleecy headrest for baby and it fold ups small enough to fit neatly in the bag, or even better in the changing pod.
These little pods are the real winning touch of the Pacapod! The front of the bag zips one to reveal the feeder pod and changer pod, two smaller bags with room for everything you would need on a day out with your little one. The Feeder Pod is fully insulated and can hold up to 4 bottles and keep them warm for up to 3 hours, with an additional detachable insulated bottle cover. The inside of the Feeder Pod is wipe clean and has been tested to EC and BS food standards.
If I’m organised, I’m happy. It’s just the way I am, it makes life easier.
The Feeder Pod has padded backpack straps and a chest strap meaning it can change into a toddler pack giving the whole bag a longer life. The Changing Pod has seven pockets with a detachable cloths pouch, a first aid pocket, nappy pocket with a window so you can check to see if you’ve run out without having to open everything up. The pods are free standing, and are perfect for taking with you to the toilet to change baby without having to take the whole bag with you. Both little pods have webbing straps you can use to hang them from the pram without taking the whole kit with you.
Pacapod really is a terrific unisex changing bag, stylish and slick enough for dad, and not too macho for mum. The Pacapod comes with a high price tag, but in my opinion it is worth it for its huge versatility and usefulness, it is three bags in one, and each one has a life outside of being a changing bag.

Babychanging Bags for Dads

Diaper Dudes range of dads nappy bags, dads diaper bags, dads changing bags, are funky and fashionable and functional and designed for fathers
The world of baby changing bags always used to be designed for mum. The bags available were flowery, flouncy, and gaudy, or in various pastel shades or sometimes complete with baby rabbits or cute ducklings and chicks printed on the fabric!
Unless a dad was proud to ‘channel his inner Gok’, he wouldn’t be seen dead with one of these girly bags.
Things have changed and whole heap of ‘man bags’ have hit the baby market. Diaper Bags for Dads have become the must have accessory for any trend setting metro man about town.
There are styles to suit any fella, and prices to suit any budget.
From sporty to cool, from messenger to retro satchel, gadget filled to business basics, we’ve looked around and chosen the best out there and where to find them.
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