Babywearing in Cold Weather

A common question about Babywearing is that it is fine around the house, but how can you keep baby warm outside in winter, how can you keep yourself warm, can you wear a coat, can baby wear a coat ….. Just how can you go about Babywearing in the cold weather?
My first answer is that the very nature of Babywearing will keep you and baby warm, your body heat will keep baby warm and baby will keep you toasty too, but with a few extra precautions you can both keep nice and snug when outside in the chilly months.
First tip I recommend is Huggalugs leg warmers for your little one when outside Babywearing ….. I was a child in the 80s tuning into Fame, so of course I am going to recommend leg warmers! But these great warmers give baby’s legs an extra layer of protection, and can prevent any exposed flesh to the wind, Babywearing with little legs poking out can cause trousers to ride up slightly so leg-warmers like the huggalugs can help hugely in cold weather.
The very nature of Babywearing will keep you and baby warm, your body heat will keep baby warm and baby will keep you toasty too
If you are a sling user or a Mei Tai user I recommend putting baby in the carrier and on you before you put on your outer clothes, button a cardigan up over the sling or Mei Tai, borrow one of your husband’s fleece tops or go and buy a XL one at a charity shop and partly zip it up over baby and the carrier.
Don’t over compensate by wrapping baby up in all their heaviest winter togs, we forget how much body heat we generate and the last thing you want is for baby to get uncomfortable and too hot, dress them normally with the huggalugs pulled up over knees and down over heels, maybe a jacket with a hood, so there is no gap at the neck and a hat and mittens, then into the carrier and a coat or jacket zipped up over the pair of you, will be plenty. You will be able to unzip the jacket if you are going in and out of stores so neither of you get too hot and zip back up when you go out to the chilly outdoors. For both you and baby the best advice is to wear layers that way you can easily remove a layer from either of you if it gets too hot, and if you start to feel the cold again simply slip the layer back on.
If you are going to be Back Wearing then there are products out there for this specific purpose, again make sure baby is dressed sensibly for the weather and then use a Poncho or Coat specifically designed for Babywearers with a cutout at the back for baby’s head, make sure baby has a nice secure hat on if you are back wearing, the last thing any of us would want is for the hat to slip off, for you not to know and for baby to get chilly.
If you are a user of Soft Structured Baby Carriers then there are a great number of products out there which will serve your needs. Many of these are designed specifically for outdoors use, and will come with covers and wind shields etc. Most of these are designed specifically for the different models so make sure you get the right cover to suit your model exactly, check out on the manufacturers website to make sure you get the right model number.
Babywearing In Cold Weather
A Checklist for babywearing in winter and the cold
  • Babywearing generates heat for you and baby so please don’t go crazy and wrap yourself and baby up like you are off on a two man expedition to the South Pole
  • Both dress in layers
  • Don’t wear the carrier over your coat
  • Make sure non of baby is exposed or likely to get exposed with a little wriggling
  • If you feel the need then invest in a Babywearing coat/poncho/or cover
  • But most importantly be sensible in cold weather, if at all possible don’t stay out for too long
Babywearing in the winter and in cold weather can be a delight and always remember hats, gloves, and snuggles will keep you both warm and cosy.
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