Babywearing With Twins

Babywearing with twins needn’t be a trial and tribulation, it really can be a joy, and as a mother of twins you have already had nine months of practise of carrying two little babies around, in fact you have already done a huge amount of Babywearing with your little ones already, it was just that your body was the sling!
With practise, patience and some common sense Babywearing with Twins can actually be hugely beneficial when bringing up two babies.
The main style of Babywearing I would recommend for a mother of twins as a starter would be a pouch sling, because it is so easy to use and you don’t want to have to fuss with knots, buckles, or belts when you have two little ones to tend to.
Newborn twins love to be squashed up and snuggled
with each other, it is what they are used to.
With newborns up to about 3 months it is completely fine to wear both babies at the same time in the same sling, newborn twins love to be squashed up and snuggled with each other, it is what they are used to. Make sure you have a sling which is big enough for them both, and carry them in a cradle position with their feet together.
As you know if you have read the other tips and articles on the site Breastfeeding when Babywearing is simplicity itself and this is just as true with twins. Two ring slings, one on either hip will mean you can nurse both infants simultaneously.
When they get a bit older, 3 months, I would recommend two carriers. You can of course wear them both at the same time and find a position that is comfortable for you, remember to spread the weight evenly, one baby on either hip or one on your front and one on your back. At this stage you can mix and match your carriers to suit you, find a combination which works best; two slings, two mei tais, a mei tai and a sling, a wrap and a sling, you will know what works best for you and find the perfect combination. The beauty of having them each in their own carrier is that you can easily pass one over to someone else if carrying them both is too much for you!
When they are small and have started to go through that colicky, fussy phase you will be able to quickly spot the signs when one of them is going to ‘have a moment’. If you have a sling at the ready as soon as you notice the signs, pop the happier baby in the sling or pouch in a cradle carry and you can hold the other baby over your arm in a colic hold and wander until the moment has passed!
As they reach the toddler phase it will be unlikely that they both need to be carried for long periods of time
Your tool kit for Babywearing with Twins for the first year would ideally be: 2 pouch slings which fit both parents and 2 ring slings. These give you so much freedom and flexibility for you and your partner. You can have both in hip carries in the ring sling or one in a hip carry ring sling and one in a pouch cradle style. As with everything with twins this is a bit of an expense but you will be thankful for all the options in the long run.
As they reach the toddler phase it will be unlikely that they both need to be carried for long periods of time. At this stage some would recommend two Mei Tais, one on front and one on back, or even try a whole wrap for both toddlers, I won’t even go into this as it is so confusing but some Mums find its works perfectly well for them, so I won’t knock it, search about on Youtube and you will find a video explaining how to go about it. When twins are at that Toddling phase and you need to think about wearing them both at once, my advise would be to go for two soft structured baby carriers and wear one on front and one on back, a Babybjorn at the front and a Beco Butterfly at the back, or even something sturdier at the back like a Bushbaby or a Littlelife. You will have your hands free and can get in and out of places a lot easier than you would with a double buggy.
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