Ellaroo Ring Sling: Our Review

If you like the idea and look of a ring sling then you will love the Ellaroo Ring Sling, they really are stunning with their beautiful choices of fabrics and the brushed aluminum rings giving you the functionality and flexibility of a ring sling, whilst still having the freeflowing, natural look we all love from Babywearing.
Ellaroo pride themselves on being designed by parents for parents. They cling on to the traditional Babywearing look whilst offering extra comfort and functionality you wouldn’t get with simply wrapping. Ellaroo are an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable business and they have a mission statement to contribute something meaningful to others, that means that they care about people at every level of their business; farmers, manufacturers, staff, you and your little one.
The real beauty and standout feature for me of the Ellaroo ring sling is the padded shoulder, the thin layer of padding means that to the outside world it looks like you are not wearing some great big Lady Gaga type padded shoulder pad but you get all the benefits of the padding. The design of the shoulder means that the sling stays comfortably on the shoulder and doesn’t ride upwards meaning you never have that awkward feeling of having to tug it down from your neck.
Ellaroo Ring Sling 2
The Ellaroo Ring Sling is so easy to adjust whilst wearing both it and your little one. By just tightening or loosening the fabric using the rings it is simpliity itself to shift from a cradle position to a nursing position for a feed and then after the feed its really easy to shift baby and the fabric to make a comfortable upright position. As with most of the slings and carriers I recommend on this site, the Ellaroo is great for newborns up to toddlers. I have heard many tales of Mums who find the Ellaroo a great carrier right up to toddler age; it is easy to carry a heavier child on the hip or back in an Ellaroo and the weight will be distributed evenly thanks to the shoulder design.
The sling is made from soft organic cotton and the dyes used are eco dyes with no chemicals used that can be harmful to baby. The longer tail of the sling can be pretty useful as a quick nose and face cloth for you little one, and when it is dirty it can be machine washed on a cold cycle with no fear of shrinking or fading. Just to really put your eco minds at rest Ellaroo’s padding is made from plastic bottles which have been recycled and melted down and combed to become a fine fibre which is machine washable and non allergenic …. those clever and caring people really have thought of everything.
Different designs all as stunning as each other, comfort, ease, and flexibility. Babywearing in a traditional way with a few tweaks to make the modern Mum happy, that’s Ellaroo for you!
Ellaroo Ring Sling 3
Ellaroo Ring Sling 4
  • Comfortable use from birth to 35 pounds
  • Approximately 25′ wide, in 3 sizes – Small through Large
  • 100% certified organic cotton, with recycled polyester batting
  • Lightweight aluminum sling rings
  • Carrier Type:  Padded Ring Sling
  • Age:  Preemie, Newborn, Baby, Child
  • Primary Positions:  Front Upright Carry,Hip Carry,Cradle Carry,Front Facing-out Carry
  • Secondary Positions:  Back Carry
  • Fabric:  100% certified organic cotton