Balboa Baby Adjustable Ring Sling: Our Review

Balboa Adjustable Ring Sling 1
When I was looking around at Ring Slings for sale, I came across the Balboa Ring Sling but all the reviews I read described this as perfect for ‘slinging your baby’ …… this phrase just sounds kinda funny and weird to me, so I will try my best not to talk about slinging your baby anywhere!
Joking aside, the Balboa Adjustable Sling really is one of the best Ring Slings on the market today, formally known as the NoJo the Balboa is endorsed by Dr William Sears. Dr Sears is a father of eight and a hugely respected and renowned pediatricians who has written over 40 books on childcare, the bestselling The Baby Book being his most famous. He is the medical parenting consultant to both Baby Talk and Parenting magazines and he is a regular to US TV viewers on such shows as Oprah, Dr Phil, The Today Show, Fox News and CNN. Dr Sears is a huge advocate of Babywearing and has written extensively on the joys and benefits both mentally, physically, and spiritually of Babywearing.
The founders of Balboa Shirley and Noel Pepys teamed up with Dr Sears to create a fashion forward and functional sling to make life easier for parents and happier for babies. They use luxury fabrics and distinct modern prints in their contemporary designs, and their mission includes the perfect ‘one phrase says all’ message ‘Cuddle Your Baby’.
Balboa Adjustable Ring Sling 2
As you would expect from a sling designed in collaboration with a doctor, there is much attention placed on safety. There are four recommended ways to wear the Balboa Sling; the front cradle, the front carry, the front cuddle, and the side carry. The design and flexibility with the rings gives a huge range of fits meaning its easy to share the sling between partners no matter how varied your size and shape. This adjustability also means that the sling will grow with your child and you can use this sling right up to toddler age.
The Balboa comes equipped with a large deep pocket/pouch for baby to snuggle in, and you don’t have to worry about them falling out if they wriggle about.
The shoulder of the Balboa is comfortable, and padded. As with all ring slings the weight of your little one (or not so little as they turn toddler) is on one shoulder and so this padding is hugely important meaning that the Balboa will dig a lot less than other ring slings on the market.
Balboa Adjustable Ring Sling 3
The sling is really easy to pop on and off, so if baby wants to just be held for a few minutes its a piece of cake to slip on and get on with some two handed job whilst holding baby close.
Another benefit I must pass on about the Balboa Adjustable Sling is that it is easy and comfortable to wear whilst lying down because the back of the sling is not bulky and buckled, but is nicely padded. This means that when baby has fallen asleep in the sling it is easy for you to have a lie down on the sofa or on bed so you can both have a blissful rest together.
The materials used are ecologically manufactured, making the sling safe for mother, child, and the planet. The Sling also comes in a terrific range of trendy, modern styles meaning you can choose a sling as individual as you, your style and one which suits baby to a tee!
Doctor knows best, and when it comes to Doctor Sears it truly is a case of ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’ …… The Balboa is an adjustable ring sling which is more manufactured and structured than some of the ring slings out there, it bridges the gap between a wrap and a pouch sling. Structured and safe whilst still offering plenty of the flexibility of a wrap.