Amazonas Mei Tai: Our Review

Amazonas Mei Tai 1
When it comes to Mei Tai’s a lot of Mums prefer to make their own, these Mums then set up cottage industries and sell them online. They are all pretty well made and come with their own guidelines and safety instructions. If you want to have a go at making one yourself check out my guide to making a Mei Tai.
However, if you prefer to buy a Mei Tai from a respected company with designers and manufacturers and all the peace of mind that comes with buying from a reputable company then I recommend you try out the Amazonas Mei Tai.
Amazonas is a German company based in Munich and their history was in making Brazilian Hammocks for adults. They use a production facility based in the northeast of Brazil to manufacture hammocks, stands, hooks, accessories. It wasn’t long before there was demand for hammocks for children and little ones, this was only a short step away from the move into making Baby Carriers. Their products are sellers all across the globe.
Amazonas Mei Tai 2
Amazonas Mei Tai is a baby carrier inspired by traditional style Asian Baby Carrier made of 100% cotton. The Amazonas comes with padded shoulder and waist straps for extra comfort, and is really easily adjusted for a comfortable fit. The beauty of the Mei Tai is that both baby and you feel supported thanks to the cross your back and waist straps which spread out the weight of baby. Baby is supported in an anatomically correct position.
Amazonas Mei Tai’s come in a range of designs and they are all fully reversible, so you can switch between sides depending on your mood, and they are fully machine washable on a low temperature cycle. The fabrics and dyes are free of pollutants and irritants and have a fastness to both saliva and perspiration meaning both you and baby stay stain free whoever is sweating on or chewing the Mei Tai!
The Amazonas Mei Tai comes with detailed instructions guiding you through the process on putting on and taking off the Mei Tai and the different position you can adopt with it. It is always advisable to read these carefully and practise over the bed or with a suitable doll.
Amazonas Mei Tai 3
The main reason I love the Amazonas is that they not only manufacture their products in Brazil, they also support a Brazilian project called the Nazareno Project with an annual generous donation. In Brazil there are approximately 25000 children living in poverty, completely neglected on the streets. The Nazareno Villages offer these children accommodation with round the clock care, schooling with a secondary school option, and vocational practical training at the age of 15. The children are supported in the search for work, and accompanied until they are strong and confident enough to stand on their own two feet. For this reason alone I would recommend an Amazonas Mei Tai, but also as it has all the style and substance that one expects with a professional Mei Tai making it top of the class!
  • Mei Tai measurements: 33cm x 45cm
  • Mei Tai weight: 0.5kg
  • Max carry weight: 0-15kg
  • Age range: birth to three years