Babybjorn Comfort Carrier: Our Review

Babybjorn has been around for 50 years and is proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks by introducing the great Babybjorn Comfort Carrier to their range of superb baby carriers.
Babybjorn are possibly the most desirable and dependable Baby Carriers today. Bjorn Jakobson set up in 1961 by Bjorn Jakobson with a desire to make life easier for parents of small children with products both innovative and safe. The number of babies who have been carried in Babybjorn’s products over the past 50 years is 30,000,000 and lovers of Babybjorn really have passed this tradition from generation to generation. The Babybjorn’s are described as the Cadillac’s of Baby Carriers, and the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier is a wonderful addition to their fleet!
The Babybjorn Comfort has been introduced for parents who want to carry their babies up to the age of two. The weight guidelines are for babies from 13lbs to 31lbs (about 3 months to 2 years depending on the child), its important to note that the maximum weight for carrying in a forward facing position is 26lbs. Due to the Babybjorn being designed for a longer life, for use with older babies it is slightly bulkier than the other Babybjorn’s on the market and is less easy to fold up and store in say a nappy bag.
The beauty of the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier is that the adjustable waist belt will transfer the majority of baby’s weight to your hips meaning less back strain and therefore it is easy and comfortable to carry an older baby for longer. The straps are wider and more padded than previous Babybjorn’s meaning comfort is key, both for you and baby.
Getting the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier on and off couldn’t be easier
Getting the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier on and off couldn’t be easier, the straps and fastenings might seem daunting but this really is one of the easiest carriers to wear, and it even has a cheeky cheat sheet sewn into the inside of the carrier for any refreshers you might need!
Style wise the Babybjorn Comfort has been designed in neutral shades, meaning it is easy to share between you and your partner, and also won’t clash with your outfits like some of the other garish baby carriers out there!
There are two positions for carrying your Little One in the Comfort Carrier, forward facing and inward facing. Forward facing is great for inquisitive little ones keen to experience the world as you see it, great for adventures, long walks, shopping trips, and then when baby gets tired and needs some good old snuggle time, simply slip him out and pop him round into an inward facing ride. Its good to note that with this design of Babybjorn there are two leg placement options giving you a perfect and customised fit.
The materials used are allergy and pollutant free meaning your little one can chew and suck to their heart’s content, and everything is fully washable and can be hung out to dry and ready for wearing again quickly without fear of damage, wear, or strain.
It is the IDEAL carrier for traveling and will make holidays with your little ones a breeze.
The Babybjorn Comfort Carrier really does what it says on the tin ….. COMFORT! One review I read even just used the words ‘comfy, comfy, comfy’. Yes, it is more expensive but you will get so much use out of it, it will take you and baby to places you hadn’t thought you could get to, pushchair’s and buggies won’t get you everywhere! It is the IDEAL carrier for traveling and will make holidays with your little ones a breeze.
  • Ergonomic waist belt
  • Maximum carrying comfort
  • Adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps for optimal weight distribution and pressure point relief
  • For children up to 2 years
  • Designed for parents who want to carry their children up until the age of 2
  • Flexible leg positions
  • The child’s leg position can be alternated between normal and wide