Babybjorn Air Carrier: Our Review

Babybjorn really are one of the most sought after and dependable manufacturers of Baby Carriers out there today. They have been developing and manufacturing Baby products for 50 years, and their products and ideas have stood the test of time. Bjorn Jakobson set up the company in 1961 and his concept was to make life easier for families with small children by creating products for children of up to three years, with the emphasis on innovation and safety.
30 million children have been carried by their mother, fathers and carer’s in Babybjorn Carriers and they continue in their mission and passion for the next generation.
The Babybjorn Air is a lightweight carrier, which is designed to keep both you and baby cool and comfortable
The Babybjorn Air is a lightweight carrier, which is designed to keep both you and baby cool and comfortable in it’s unique breathable material. Using a 3D airy mesh, the heat and moisture are carried away from your body and from your little one. This wonderful mesh also moulds itself to your baby’s body meaning that it provides amazing support for your little ones back and hips, the mesh is soft as well as supportive meaning it will always feel comfortable for your child.
The ergonomic design means that it provides the correct support for it’s passenger’s head, back, and hips from birth upwards, and when your child gets older and can hold his or her head up or wants to face forward the head support can be folded down. It really is easy to get baby in and out of this carrier and it has the added benefit of extra support for your little ones legs in the loop straps on the carrier.
The Babybjorn Air has clips and buckles but they are colour coded so it really is easy to put on and master how it is done up. Even a soft structured baby carrier novice will master the Babybjorn Air in minutes.
The Babybjorn Air Carrier is light, convenient and compact and comes with a small carrying/storage bag which can be kept on the inside of the carrier when the carrier is in use.
The fabrics used have been tested to the highest levels in accordance with the rules regarding baby products and are guaranteed to cause no harm to sensitive skin, and will not trigger allergy. The whole carrier can be washed in the washing machine on a 40 °C cycle.
The Babybjorn Air Carrier is light, convenient and compact
The Babybjorn comes in a light colour but this is really important as the darker carriers can absorb the heat, and as the main feature of the Air is how cool it is and how breathable then the light colour scheme is perfect and adds to everyone’s comfort. As I have said before it is washable, but I didn’t mention how quick drying it is, so you don’t need to worry about going out with a grubby carrier!
The Babybjorn Air is a lovely breathable carrier suitable for newborns and younger little ones, the maximum weight for this carrier is 10kg so this carrier might not last one child longer than 8 or 9 months, but it really could be passed on to your next infant with ease as it is so durable.
A terrific Babybjorn for little ones, perfect for hot summers or for around the house, and great for both you and your partner to share the load.
This carrier is not too masculine and butch like some of the bulkier carriers out there, but not too girly and swishy like the slings and wraps, so it will be perfect for both of you.