Babybjorn Miracle Carrier: Our Review

Since 1961 Bjorn Jakobson’s company have been creating products to make life easier for Mums and dads with little ones, who want to live life to the full and live life on the move.
Always innovative and always safe, Babybjorn is a name to trust in the Babywearing world.
Babybjorn produce the Cadillac’s of the Baby Carrying world.
Sleek, Stylish, Practical, and Functional, but as with cadillacs these come with a price tag to match, but with over 50 years of experience and over 30 million happy customers and passengers they are obviously doing something right.
The Babybjorn Miracle Carrier has a unique feature whereby through some easy adjustments made at the front of the carrier you are able to transfer baby’s weight between your hips, waist or shoulders as needed, meaning you always can get the perfect fit no matter what your size is, or how big baby is. The carrier comes with wide shoulder straps, a back support system with comfort in mind, and generous padding in the fully adjustbale waist belt. All of this adjustment means that the carrier is the perfect fit for you, but also it will grow with baby meaning it can be used right from newborn to 15 months.
The clasps on the Babybjorn Miracle are designed to be opened and closed with just one hand without any fear of your fingers getting pinched.
With newborns in mind Babybjorn have created a safe and cosy carrier for your little one
With newborns in mind Babybjorn have created a safe and cosy carrier for your little one, all the seams on the Babybjorn Miracle Carrier are on the outside, and the fabric inside the carrier has been designed to be smooth and gentle against baby’s sensitive skin. As with all babybjorn’s the dyes and fabrics used are not harmful to baby and are perfectly fine for chewing and sucking which will happen as your little one teethes.
Inside the Babybjorn Miracle is a fabric height chart, and you can use this to easily set the carrier to the correct baby size with its built in height slider, meaning the carrier really literally does grow with your little one, its not just marketing spin!
Baby can be carried in the Babybjorn either facing inwards or outwards.┬áSo as baby gets older and wants to watch the world go by that is easy in the carrier, and even older baby’s like newborns like a cuddle and a snuggle every now and again and in the Babyborn Miracle this is really easy to have baby facing you, feeling your heart beat and your breath on his or her bed, the perfect place for a snuggly nap as you wander about and get on with your day to day duties.
As I mentioned earlier the Babybjorn Carriers come with a high price tag, but if you are thinking of taking up Babywearing then it really is a good idea to invest in something which is going to give you and your back tremendous support so going for a cheap option sometimes isn’t going to do you any favours in the long run, a Babybjorn miracle is going to see you and your little one through 15 months of use, and then it can be used by baby number 2 or 3 or even sold on as they really are built to last and last.
  • From newborn (8lbs) to approx. 15 months (26lbs)
  • Easy to adjust, all adjustments are made in the front
  • flexible carrying postions, carry your newborn high up on your chest and your older child on your hips to take pressure of your shoulders
  • Baby can be faced inwards and outwards
  • developed in cooperation with leading doctors
  • fabrics are tested and comply with the requirements of the Oeko-Tex standard 100 class 1 for babies