Bushbaby Pinnacle Carrier: Our Review

In the world of climbing, walking, and trekking one name stands out for all your outdoor clothing and sporting goods; ‘Arc’teryx’, they are the market leader in all things climbing, skiing, snowboarding,backpacking, and hiking-related activities. When you have tried the Bushbaby Pinnacle Carrier you won’t be surprised to learn that Trail Magazine named it ‘the Arc’teryx of Baby Carriers’
The Pinnacle really is designed with the Outdoors in mind. It comes with an active suspension system, meaning the wearer gets all the benefits of the enhanced spring absorption in the frame taking away any stress of the spine, and the child in the back gets a smooth ride, whatever the terrain.
The Bushbaby Pinnacle is a terrific fit for the wearer, no matter their size or shape thanks to the easy adjusting BIGEYE back system, with its multi positioning and non-slip technology. This can take a little while to master as the instruction booklet can be a little tough to figure out, but after a few attempts you will be able to switch the fit of the Carrier in only a couple of minutes.
It comes with all the features we have come to know and love form Bushbaby Carriers: easily adjustable child seat, hydration system compatible, sun canopy & rain cover (both easily pack awayable) economically designed swivel hip belt, many pockets and a huge storage capacity, foot loops for older passengers, viewing mirror, and so much more.
One of the huge benefits of this carrier is that it packs away neatly and flatly, making it easy to store away in a cupboard at home, or perfect for traveling.
As well as being SO perfect for hiking and outdoorsy lifestyles, the Bushbaby Pinnacle can be just as useful for everyday use, you can remove some of the additional storage making it slightly less bulky and meaning its perfect for nipping around town, and getting on and off tubes and buses. And for North London Mums, honestly when you have walked uphill with a Bushbaby Pinnacle you won’t want to try anything else, the suspension system really is amazing giving you a stress free back and giving your passenger a sway free and rocking free ride.
A word of warning: the Pinnacle can be quite a tall carrier especially with the Sun Canopy on, so I must take this opportunity to remind those of you who are taller to take extra care when going in and out of doors, remember who is riding on your back to avoid any nasty bumps.
The Bushbaby Pinnacle is one of those carriers which is perfect for all manner of different lifestyles and trips out, making it one of my top choices …. but this means it does come with a hefty price tag. I know of parents who have used Bushbaby carriers for infant after infant giving it years of use both off road and on!
Just heard from a parent with a disabled child who has recommended the Bushbaby Pinnacle as a perfect carrier for disabled children. With it’s added suspension and its roomy seat they have recommended it for carrying a large four year old or small 5 year old. Perfect for getting a disabled child around and about to places where a wheelchair or buggy could get in the way.
  • carrier weight : 2.9kg
  • storage capacity : 35 litre storage capacity (31ltr main pkt & 4ltr bag)
  • carrying weight limit : 20kg
  • age range : 6 month – 4 years
  • adult height range : 5ft – 6.4ft
  • waist / chest : 50” / 52”
  • All Bushbaby back carriers are tested to & pass BS EN 13209-04