Babywearing In London – Things to Do

London is a fantastic place, full of green space, full of activities for children and adults of all ages. There is so much on offer for you and your little one to enjoy. If your little one is with you in a carrier it will make life in London and its many tourist attractions a whole  lot easier.
I lived in London for 15 years and during my time there I worked at a lot of the big tourist attractions and destinations, so here is my guide to London’s Tourist Attractions for Adults with Babies

Babywearing at an Art Gallery or Museum

Book your ticket online as you could make a saving and avoid a long queue
A lovely experience for you and your little one, your hands are free for all of the exhibitions and activities, and baby see’s what you see so they can get a bit of culture too! Most of London’s many museums and tourist attractions will have all the facilities you need to make life easy for you and your little one, you will find baby changing facilities, areas designated for feeding your little one, and family friendly cafes.
My insider tip is to check out the attractions website before your visit, check out how baby friendly they are before you get there, and also check out if you can book your ticket online as you could make a saving and avoid a long queue, and you know how horrible queuing with little ones can be.
Its also worth googling about and seeing if they have any 2for1 offers available, a lot of London attractions offer 2for1 if you travel there by train and have a valid ticket (sometimes you can make quite a good saving this way, sometimes its even worth buying a ticket for a short train journey and using this for your attraction discount even if you don’t use it for the train journey!)

The London Eye With A Baby with a baby

The Buggy Point will loan you a free baby carrier for the ‘flight’.
You can certainly take a baby on the London Eye, and Babywearing is fine …. in fact Babywearing is positively encouraged! If you are coming with a buggy or stroller you will not be allowed to take it on with you, this will need to be left with the attendants at the Buggy Point.
The Buggy Point will loan you a free baby carrier for the ‘flight’. If your child is under one you will be given a Tomy Freestyle Carrier, and the attendants are trained to help you fit this and wear this comfortably and securely. A different carrier is available for those with larger and older children.
Once on the flight you and your child will have a wonderful time, having your little one in a carrier gives you both the same view and means you enjoy the ride together. I highly recommend a trip on the Eye for you and your little one.

Tower Of London with a baby

The Tower is a great visit with the ravens and the Beefeaters. Some of it is definitely not buggy friendly, so Babywearing is the ideal way for you to enjoy this slice of history.
There are plenty of baby changing facilities, and a baby care room. You can also find family friendly cafes which all have high chairs available.

Museums and Gallery’s with a baby

A London museum is a wonderful way to while away the hours, and with your little one in a carrier they enjoy the lights, colours, and shapes as you wander about.
The Science Museum, British Museum, Natural History Museum, London Transport Museum, Maritime Museum, the Tate gallery, Tate Modern, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and that’s just touching the tip of the iceberg of all the galleries and museum’s which London has to offer.
They are all very child friendly with some even come with designated galleries for little ones. A London museum is a wonderful way to while away the hours, and with your little one in a carrier they enjoy the lights, colours, and shapes as you wander about.
They all have family friendly eating areas, with high chairs available, and baby changing facilities. When and if your little one gets tetchy and decides to have a bit of a cry then you will undoubtedly get some funny looks from some of the stuffy crusties wandering the galleries but try to remember that their reaction says loads more about them than it does you and your little one and your parenting skills so let them react how they want to and you concentrate on cheering yourself and baby up again.
I would have a google about and check out the different museums and galleries and find one that interests you and check out if it has a ‘for kids’ or ‘visiting with children’ section, this will give you all the info you need. Nearly all of them will be free, you might have to pay to visit a certain exhibition or gallery once inside but most of the exhibits are free to wander around, and so much easier to navigate with baby safe in a carrier than having to steer a buggy about and keep an eye on your little one’s hands near the heirlooms!

Outdoors with a baby

A trip to a city farm or one of London’s many green spaces can be a perfect way to spend a sunny day. My personal recommendation would be to head to Coram’s Fields, between Holborn and Kings Cross, this is a seven acre play park in central London designed especially for kids, adults are not allowed in without children and the park is really well supervised.
The park has several lawns for free play, which are perfect for a nice picnic and lay down, there are artificial turf pitches if your little ones are of kick-about age, a safe and supervised paddling pool, sandpits, a flying fox rope slide and plenty of other slides, swings, and safe playground activities, a fantastic pet’s corner with sheep, goats, chickens and ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs, and a lovely vegetarian cafe where you can enjoy a coffee as the kids go crazy!

The Princess Diana Memorial Playground with a baby

There really is so much for your little one to do in this park, and you can find the perfect activity for them depending on their age.
Right next to Kensington Palace, the former home of Princess Diana, is the most wonderful memorial play park for kids. Like Coram’s Fields this park is strictly for the little ones and no adults are allowed in unless supervised by a child!
The main feature of the playground is a huge wooden Pirate Ship inspired by the Peter Pan stories of J M Barrie. Kids love to climb all over this ship and it’s surrounded by sand making it perfectly safe if someone walks the plank or goes man overboard!
There really is so much for your little one to do in this park, and you can find the perfect activity for them depending on their age. You have a sensory trail, a play tunnel, a sand beach around the Pirate Ship, toys and play sculptures in every nook and cranny and hidden around the bushes and flowers, slides, swings, climbing frames, a music area, teepee’s and a story telling space.
There are plenty of places for adults to sit, and the surrounding plants and trees mean it is not overlooked by the public, it really is a secret gem for children, although it does get VERY busy in the summer. You will find plenty of toilets and hand washing provision near the café at the entrance. No glass bottles or jars are allowed in the memorial park.
Again, it will comes as no surprise to you that babywearing is the best way to enjoy this park, and I guarantee an explore of the Sensory Trail with your little one in the carrier will be a wonderful experience for you both.
Babywearing is great for outdoorsy activities like this, no more struggling across lawns and grass with a buggy, or even pushing a buggy up a gravel path which we all know can be a real pain.

London Zoo with a baby

Great when Babywearing is the superb Butterfly Tunnel
Who doesn’t like spending a day wandering around London Zoo and seeing some of the creatures, ok some people don’t and I guess if you are one of them then skip on to the next paragraph. I absolutely love London Zoo, the animals are housed in spacious environments and every effort is on conservation and not confinement. Little Ones love anything to do with animals and to see them up close and personal like this is a real thrill for you and your baby.
Babywearing is a great way to get around the zoo, and will mean you don’t have to worry about getting a buggy around the different zones, and navigating the turns and steps, and doorways into some of the more open environments, also buggy height isn’t going to be a great view as often this will just be of a fence or wall, with baby in a sling or carrier they are guaranteed a view similar to yours. With Babywearing both you and your little one will have a similar view, so no more crouching down to check your little one can see the creature you are watching.
Great when Babywearing is the superb Butterfly Tunnel which I have to admit I had to dart through quite quickly (I have a thing about fluttering, moths and birds are my least favourite things!) but my other half has some beautiful photo’s of some of the amazing, beautiful, and really colourful butterflies, colour is great for your little one to focus on. The photo’s make me wish Id hung around a bit more.
Come up close and personal with the Squirrel Monkeys in the Meet The Monkey’s ‘walk through’, again best experienced with baby in a carrier, so you can aim your cheeky monkey at the cheeky little squirrel monkeys, making sure you and baby get a great view of the monkeys climbing around freely above your heads and in the trees beside you. You also have penguins, giraffes, an aquarium, komodo dragons, and a children’s zoo, you can very easily spend the whole day here and have a fantastic time!
I would recommend bringing a picnic lunch as the Oasis café at the Zoo is pretty pricey, the tables outside the café are fine for eating your picnic from and no one will bat an eyelid if you borrow a highchair, they also have a microwave for heating milk alternatively there is loads of green space if you fancy putting a picnic rug down and chilling out for a bit.
Baby changing facilities are available, and if you are bringing a pushchair most things are accessible to you, but it would be easier with a carrier, wrap, mei tai, or sling.
If you are bringing a child of toddler age the Zoo has a terrific facility where you can Tag your Tot, like a baby asbo (!), with a wristband  which is definitely worth doing incase they get lost in the crowds.
Worth booking online to avoid the queues, also worth looking online for any offers, the Zoo often has a 2for1 offer if you look hard enough, and under 3’s are free, so with a bit of detective work London Zoo can be a great family day out which won’t break the bank.

Cinema’s with a baby

You can watch a film in a cinema full of other parents with their little ones, no one will mind if your little one starts to cry as you are surrounded by other like minded parents
I’ve always loved going to see the latest movies at the cinema and if you’ve had a baby it doesn’t mean you should have to wait ages and watch the films at home on dvd, or have to wait until you are happy to leave them with a babysitter and then spend the whole of the film with half a mind on how your little one is getting on at home, you can still go to the cinema and enjoy a movie, and Babywearing makes this easy, but finding the right cinema makes it even easier.
Check out the Picturehouse Cinema’s for it’s Big Scream Screenings, these are screenings for Mums and Dads with babies under one. You can watch a film in a cinema full of other parents with their little ones, no one will mind if your little one starts to cry as you are surrounded by other like minded parents, although sometimes it can be a chain reaction and when one goes off, the others will follow! The lights in the cinema are slightly raised and the volume of the film will be slightly lower so a calmer environment is created for you and baby. You are free to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby during the film, and some of the cinema’s will offer a bottle warmer – just ask if yours does this. Odeon and Vue Cinema’s also offer a parent and baby club.
A visit to the cinema with your little one is a great trip and reminds you of a life before parenting, why stop enjoying things like this after becoming a Mum or Dad. Oh, and don’t think you will just be sitting through Disney pap or Barbie films, the films are the latest releases and are films which adults enjoy not kids! As with all my recommendations Babywearing would be my choice for this activity, its easier to get to the cinema with your baby in a carrier, you don’t have to worry about leaving your pushchair or buggy outside the theatre, and its easy to get up and down the rows of seats with baby in a carrier.
The cinema’s should all have excellent baby changing facilities.
Babywearing In London
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