Babybjorn Carrier Cover: Our Review

The Babybjorn Carrier Cover is a perfect addition to the Babybjorn range for those of us who live in places where the sun shines for only a few weeks of the year!
The Babybjorn Carrier Cover will keep baby dry and snuggly while the wind whistles and the rain falls around you. Its made using a supple and breathable fleece fabric which is both windproof and water repellent. As with the Babybjorn Sun Cover this cover comes with a detachable hood to add to the covers flexibility. Baby can face inwards or outwards and can easily be removed from the carrier without you having to remove the cover first.
Machine washable at 40 °C. Wash separately with a gentle and bleach free washing detergent.
This is a great accessory for Parents on the go using a Babybjorn to get from a to b. Its perfect for getting around the city, when a pram or buggy is going to be a real hassle, its also so easy to adjust if you are in and out of shops or on and off transport meaning Baby never gets too hot or cold.
The wonderful soft fleecy fabric which Baby Bjorn use for their cover means that baby is lovely and snug in all weathers, in fact often you don’t even need a coat or blanket, and the water-resistant fabric means that baby stays dry in our rainy country, they are however only shower proof so if its a real downpour or if it is really cold I would recommend staying in!!