Babybjorn Sun Cover: Our Review

Babybjorn Sun Cover 1
This easy to use Sun Cover for Babybjorn’s Carriers has a  UPF (Ultra-violet protection factor) of 40 which will keep out 97% of all harmful UV radiation. It is machine washable at 40 °C, and is 100% polyester.
This Cover will provide your little one’s sensitive skin with excellent protection from the sun, and the light fabric will also provide great wind protection, whilst still being breathable. The protective hood is detachable giving you many wearable options, baby can face you or face the outside world, and your child can easily be lifted in and out of the carrier without having to remove the sun cover.
As with all Sun Covers for carriers, I always recommend you are extra safe in the sun, and make sure baby has a good sun hat and isn’t in direct sunlight. Take extra care making sure their hands and feet are protected and keep an eye on baby to make sure he or she is not overheating. I always advise avoiding the sun between 10 and 3, and remind you that the sun’s rays and radiation can even reach the shade. That being said, if and when you do have to go out on a Sunny Day I think this cover makes an ideal companion to your Babybjorn and keeps baby safe and sound in the sun.
This Sun Cover is NOT suitable for the Babybjorn Comfort Carrier
Babybjorn Sun Cover 2
Babybjorn Sun Cover 3