Babybjorn Carrier Bibs: Our Review

A Soft, Waterproof, breathable towelling cloth to act as a bib for baby and catch all the spit and mess, so you aren’t constantly having to wash your carrier. Designed with two slots for the harness of your Babybjorn carrier to slip through, meaning the bib never slips off. The textiles used have been approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products …… I know, what the hell does that mean? Well to put it simply … Babybjorn are able to guarantee that the textile closest to Baby are harmless to skin and will not trigger allergies. 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
The Bibs come in packs of two and come in many different colours meaning you can match your carrier or Baby’s outfit ….. or use Black if its Dad taking your Little One out for the day! They are machine washable at 60 °C
I would recommend this as a must have addition to the Babybjorn range for any parent who has a little one who likes to nibble, chew and lick everything in sight! Great for teething babies, who would happily gnaw away at the edge of the carrier leaving it covered in a slippery, spittery, dribbly mess. These Bibs are so easy to remove and wash, and as you have a pack of two one can be slipped on when the other gets messy.
You might be a parent of a little one thinking this isn’t for me, my little one isn’t a drooler …. well, I havent known a baby yet not to go though that drooling stage which soon leads into a chewing phase as those first teeth start popping out! Spend now and save having a sloppy Bjorn in the months to come!