The Reluctant Babywearer

Man carrying or babywearing a baby in a sling whilst taking a photograph of himself
Most mums love Babywearing, and this is reflected in the design of a lot of the slings and Mei Tai’s out there. I guess in the world’s eyes it still really is the mother who does the majority of the raring and nurturing whilst us blokes go out and hunt and gather! But once men open there eyes to the joys of Babywearing, they will never go back.  There is actually nothing girls like more and think is more macho than seeing a guy who is happy enough with himself and his own masculinity to be seen to be a caring Dad, one who enjoys the parenting process and is happy to carry his baby close to him.
I guess that there are Dad’s out there who already know that they are going to be wearing their baby before the birth. They are excited about the different types of carriers and slings out there. They have been googling away and choosing a method that’s right for them. If you have a man like that then good for you, the battle is half won, and you are going to be able to ‘share the load’ as it were.
It won’t take long before your chap is out and about Babywearing in his chosen carrier
Some men even think the whole look of a baby in a sling or carrier is pretty damn cool, and prefer them to pushing a buggy about or lugging around a pram.
But for every Dad out there who is eager to pop his sling on and get out into the world as a loud and proud Babywearing Machine, there is the Dad who is going to take a little persuading to the benefits and advantages of Babywearing, the kind of man who thinks that Baby carriers look weird, even the more macho outdoorsy Babybjorn or Bushbaby carriers seem a bit of an alien contraption, the type of Dad who is happier just carrying their little one in their arms or better still pushing a pushchair. Well if that is your man, or the partner of one of your friends then here are a few tips which might help them along:
Reluctant Babywearer
How to convince someone to start babywearing
  • Celebrate - You need to really show them how great and handy Babywearing is. This type of chap need to see just how much better their life will be with a bit of Babywearing, impress them with how much you can get done when Babywearing
  • Influence - If you know of other Dad’s who enjoy Babywearing, try and get them to start chatting to your Babywearing skeptic, try to start up a conversation about why they find Babywearing so great. You will find Men are more influential in these types of things. Its like buying powertools, if they find out Charlie Bartlett down the road has the newest hammer drill pretty soon they’ll be heading to B&Q to get the same model
  • Choices - Don’t expect your man to be happy to tie your little one to him, in your lovely Vermilion Mei Tai with the embroidered baby rabbits on it, give him some choices. Do your research online and present him with some different options and designs. He might not know about the more masculine carriers out there, the Babybjorns with their hi-tech harnessy backs, the Bushbaby’s with their army backpack style, or even show him how a designer could make you a really nice sling or Mei Tai in a cool denim, or black canvassy look, the choices are endless and he might just need his eyes opening a little
  • Impress - When and if you do manage to get him wearing your little one, it is always good to use your feminine wiles to get your way. Tell him how sexy it is to see a Dad bonding with his baby, how sexy he looks Babywearing. It might seem a bit obvious but honestly us blokes are usually oblivious to girls getting their own way in this fashion, in fact we just love the attention
It won’t take long before your chap is out and about Babywearing in his chosen carrier, getting the right kind attention from people about how great he looks carrying his little one, and how lovely the little one is.
In fact pretty soon he will be selling the idea to his mates and you will be able to have a nice girly get together with your mates putting the world to rights over a glass or three of Rose whilst him and the boys all head put for a Babywearing Boys Own Adventure.