Plus Size Babywearing

If you are Plus Size, if you are overweight can the world of Babywearing be easy for you, and what kind of carrier will be best for you?
Babywearing is for all, in a lot of my reviews on Carriers you may have noticed how I mention that carriers can be shared between partners because of the flexibility of the straps, a Babybjorn for example could be worn by a man of 6’2 and his 5’3 partner. But what about if you are Plus Size, if you are overweight can the world of Babywearing be easy for you, and what kind of carrier will be best for you? I hope I can help.
A lot of Carriers are designed for all shapes and sizes and the waist band on many of these will easily fit around a person of a larger size, but I’ve watched enough Gok Wan and Project Runway to know that the last thing a fuller figure man or woman wants is a tight waist band around their middle accentuating their chubby bits and giving them a muffin top where they never knew a muffin top could happen!
Just choosing a carrier, mei tai or sling in a bigger size isn’t necessarily the best for a Plus Size wearer
Before I begin giving recommendations and ideas from my view point, let me just mention that I am not overweight, I am kinda chubby but don’t have a problem with finding the right clothes for me, but my other half is overweight and finds it difficult to get things that fit. Yes today most retailers offer things in larger sizes but sometimes just making something bigger isn’t good enough. Plus size folk can often buy a shirt which has been made in a Plus Size only to find that the neck is massive for them, or the sleeves are way too long, or the pocket is in completely the wrong position. Its the same with Babywearing, just making a carrier, mei tai or sling in a bigger size isn’t necessarily the best for a Plus Size wearer. Plus Size might mean that your proportions are different to other wearers, your natural insulation means you might get hotter than others, and digging and pinching can be a real hassle for you ….. if you can pinch more than an inch, well then you can get pinched more often basically!
I also need to mention that there really isn’t a ‘best’ carrier for all parents, even for all larger parents, like everything in life it is a personal choice. I would recommend trying on as many different carriers, styles and sizes. Don’t be afraid to send back something if its wrong for you, online retailers and shops are used to getting their products back if they are not right for the wearer, so be bold, try as much as possible and choose what you feel is right for you.

Ring Slings can be great for Plus Size Babywearers.

The flexibility of the two rings means that you can get a perfect fit with just a few adjustments. I would probably recommend looking for an unpadded ring sing, as most of these unpadded slings have an open tail which gives you the independent adjustment needed when Plus Size. Research tells me that Plus Size Babywearers often need the Top Rail of the sling a lot tighter than the bottom rail. Unpadded slings will also give a massive amount of flexibility should you want to share your sling with a partner or friend of a smaller size. Whilst this flexibility is great in an unpadded sling, the benefits of a Padded Sling for a plus size, well not even just for a plus size, is that one shoulder slings can tend to pinch and dig in, the padding can help ease this pinching. Its important to remember that with padding comes a bit of extra insulation and if you are anything lie my partner that might be the last thing you want. If it’s a ring sling for you, then experiment with the different ways of wearing it, practise will make perfect, your shoulder won’t be as boney as some of the smaller wearers, there won’t be a natural ridge for the sling to sit in and hook onto on your shoulder so you might find a sling riding towards your neck. One tip I have heard of, and this isn’t me just being a hard seller, is wearing two unpadded ring slings: one of each shoulder with baby sitting in the crossover. You can wear your baby in this style on your front or back, this will be the most comfortable back carry for you as it doesn’t require any tying at the front around your waist …. also making it great for pregnant Babywearing.

Pouch Slings are really easy to use, and require the least practise to get used to.

Some pouch slings are adjustable by means of zips and snappers but this doesn’t mean it is the best choice for very large wearers. I would definitely recommend giving one a go because they are so easy to use, and will make life so simple, but what can happen with very large wearers is that they can dig and ‘roll up’ and bunch under the arm even when you think the fit is perfect. Try and look for a pouch sling in a fairly heavy fabric with lots of body but not too much stretch, hopefully making the bunch & dig less of an issue.

Mei Tai’s can be specially made for you by a seamstress or tailor to fit you perfectly

Mei Tai’s can be specially made for you by a seamstress or tailor to fit you perfectly, made with extra long straps. But as I said earlier, my inner Auntie Gok comes into play and I have to say that a narrow strap tied around your waist really isn’t going to be the most attractive way of Babywearing, or the most comfortable.

Soft Structured Carrier’s are really flexible and quite versatile

Soft Structured Carrier’s are really flexible and quite versatile, but are they great for Plus Size Mum’s and Dads. Yes, they can be. Don’t be put off after trying a few on and finding them really pinchy or too tight, not all of them are perfect but with a bit of looking about you will find a carrier which is perfect for you. Beco Carrier’s are great for Plus Size parents, the shoulder straps can be adjusted from 23inches right up to 45inches, and the waist band is just as flexible from 28inches ( a ridiculous size zero!) right up to 57inches, with adjustability like this you can easily fit it to your shape, size and proportions. Babybjorn are really great carriers and they are made from a 3D mesh which won’t make you overheat, infact they will keep both you and baby cool. A Babybjorn Original is a brilliant wear for Plus Size men and women. You can loosen the straps to fit right up to a size 26 comfortably. The Babybjorn range come in a variety of colours and designs, including some really cool new retro designs, so with Babybjorn Baby Carriers you won’t have to scrimp on style when choosing a Plus Size Carrier.
Life as a Plus Size can be tricky enough, and as a Plus Size parent you will have enough on your hands to spend time worrying about than your weight, but with a bit of easy and fun searching and experimenting you will find a Babywearer that is right for you. Pretty soon you will off out and about Babywearing, and carrying you little one around in a Baby Carrier is actually going to be really great, effective and easy exercise, so who knows you might just be adjusting those straps more often than you thought you would.
Plus Size Babywearing
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