Littlelife Rainy Day Cover: Our Review

Keep your little one sniffle free with this excellent wet weather cover for your Littlelife Baby Carrier. The cover has a folding aluminum frame and a lightweight fabric canopy with ripstop technology. The ‘easy fit and easy build’ mechanism means that it is really quick to assemble and attach, and the beauty of its design means it covers the whole Carrier meaning both passenger and possessions are totally protected from the elements. It has transparent side panels and a ventilated front screen for your child to see through and in a light shower or when the stormclouds clear you can roll up the front screen.
The great Littlelife design means that when the sun pops out again, its really easy to take the cover off, fold it up, store it in the snazzy carry case supplied and then tuck it away in the bottom compartment of the carrier.
Littlelife is the brand leader in outdoors products for parents and youngsters, and this durable and strong wet weather cover is a real must for anyone with a Littlelife Carrier. The Littlelife Carriers with their rugged designs are real Dad pleasers and knowing men with their gadgets, boys with their toys, I think the Rainy Day Cover will make an excellent and really useful gift for any Dad with a Littlelife Carrier. I’ve heard so many parents talk of how they can’t imagine how they would get around without one (especially here in the UK!)
My advice if you are using the Littlelife Carrier in very cold conditions would be to wrap baby up warm as the Cover isn’t designed to keep baby snug, just to keep them dry and keep them out of direct wind. Ideal for using in snowy conditions when a pram is out of the question. Also don’t worry about it misting up, the ventilation at the front screen stop this, and even if it does steam up occasionally, as can happen if little one decides to give the screen a lick (!), this will soon disappear thanks to the airflow design.