The Babybjorn Company was the brainchild of Bjorn Jakobson in 1961 and for 50 years he has been dedicated to making life easier for parents of little ones and making life a happy and safer place for those very little ones. Lillemor, his wife, joined him early on in the company’s development and together they have run Babybjorn as their fifth child. They have four grown up children, eight grandchildren, and Babybjorn shows no sign of stopping creating innovative products for parents today.
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In the 1960’s Bjorn returned from a trip to the USA with a bouncing seat/cradle to use whilst babysitting his nephew Nisse. The cradle was an instant hit, and was unknown in Europe, so Bjorn took it to doctors for their opinions, he improved what he had from their advise and began to manufacture bouncing new improved Swedish cradles or Babybjorns. At this time Lillemor was studying textile design and began to work with the textiles and fabrics at Babybjorn. She took inspiration from Brigitte Bardot and introduced the pink gingham fabric for the early cradles which became immensely popular. High chairs, travel cots and bibs with pelican spill guards were soon to follow and add to the Babybjorn range.
Happy Parents Equals Happy Children
Bjorn Jakobson Babybjorn 1961 – Present
In the 1970s Bjorn and Lillemor familiarized themselves with new research showing that closeness between babies and their parents was vitally important for baby’s development. This was the start of something big for Babybjorn and the Hjartenara (Close to Heart Carrier) was introduced for use by both men and women in 1973. The 70s man started to become equally involved in rearing children and the Babybjorn carriers were designed for use by both Mother and Father. Bjorn described carrying his youngest daughter Josefin in the carrier as like ‘walking in the clouds’
Babybjorn carriers were designed for use by both Mother and Father
In the 1980s Lillemor came in full time and brought her love of fashion and textiles to the company. The 80s fashions opened up a fabulous range of designs, colours, and ideas. The carriers became more and more popular as parents opened their eyes to the closeness and happiness a carrier can bring both parent and child.
The 1990s was the beginning of the carriers we have today in the Babybjorn range, Black was the fashionable and stylish colour and Harpers Bizarre published a picture of the navy Babybjorn carrier, but they published it in black and white and the readers assumed the carrier was black and started asking for it in a sleek black colour.
Happy Children Equals Happy Parents
Bjorn Jakobson Babybjorn 1961 – Present
In those days no one had thought of making a baby product in black, Babybjorn took the bull by the horns made the first black baby carrier and their popularity took off.Lillemor added a touch of design genius by harking back to the early days, back to the Brigitte Bardot days and adding a splash of gingham to the carrier, it became their most popular carrier for over ten years.
Back to the Brigitte Bardot days and by adding a splash of gingham to the carrier it became their most popular carrier for over ten years
For the last ten years, in the noughties, Ergonomic became the decades obsession, we were told how to sit at our desks, how to sleep in our beds, and how to carry our babies. Ergonomic design was nothing new to Babybjorn as they had always collaborated with doctors, but from 2000 the Babybjorn became the carrier of choice for so many parents around the globe. Babybjorn dedicated themselves to continually tweaking the carriers and introducing new features, lumber support, waist bands, adjust-ability, organic fabrics, new breathable fabrics, with each new carrier we are reminded of the old days, of the classic design and conception, but of the hours of thoughts and sweat which have gone into improving the Babybjorn carriers to make them real market leaders in the world of baby products and especially baby carriers.
Babybjorn Carriers
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