Hip Carriers

The very latest thing in carriers are the Hip Carriers. These carriers are like the love child of a soft structured carrier with a Mei Tai! Yes, these Hip Carriers are just that ….. Hip!
Here’s the dictionary definition of Hip: Informed, up to date, fashionable, contemporary, relevant. Being modern in dress, attitude and interests. Cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is ‘it’. Beyond all trends and conventional coolness.
So I guess there we have it, if you want to be on trend and of the minute then a Hip carrier is for you!
With the Hip Carrier you will no longer be hunched over or complaining about a bad back at the end of the day, these carriers are designed to support baby on your hip, to aid you to carry your child on your hip, as you might carry them around the house already without a carrier. The beauty of these carriers is that they allow you the comfort and ease of a Hip carry but like all good methods of Babywearing you are able to do it ‘hands free’. he exception to this is the Hippychick Hipseat but this has benefits all of its own which you can read about in my review.
Why Choose a Hip Carrier?
  • Really easy to put on and off
  • Completely easy to get baby in and out of
  • Very small and compact, can be folded up and carried around in a small bag
  • No wrapping, or tieing of knots
  • Great for sharing between partners
  • Dads often think these are less girly than some of the other methods of carrying
Why might I prefer another type of Babywearing?
  • Only suitable for children who can support themselves sitting up. 4 months and above.
  • Limited Carry positions
  • Only suitable for short carrying sessions
  • Can sit strangely on some shapely parents
  • To prevent one side becoming painful you may have to switch hips to even out the weight during a days carrying
Here is a quick introduction to the different types and styles of Babywearing
  • a length of fabric attached to sturdy rings making an adjustable sling with a pouch or pocket which baby fits snuggly and safely inside
  • a length of fabric sewn into a loop, to be worn across the body as a sling with a curved pocket or ‘pouch’ for baby, these are easier to pop on and off, but lack the flexibility of a ring sling
  • Rectangular or Square body with four straps attached (shoulder and waist), worn as front, hip or back carriers with babies weight spread evenly across shoulders and hips
  • Inspired by the Mei Tai and rucksack/backpack design but with buckles to clip and close to hold baby in place. Usually with supportive shoulder padding and main supportive panel
  • For babies who can sit up on their own, over 4 months recommended, perching your baby on your hip with the help of a little support. These are probably best suited for short carries only but are fantastic for a quick fix of Babywearing
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