Pouch Slings

The Pouch Sling is a quick and easy ‘pop on and off’ carrier, a really simple way of Babywearing around the house and a great introduction or first carrier. Great for babies from newborn to 30lbs.
The are basically a loop of fabric which you put your head and one arm through and your baby will lie in the pocket or pouch. With a little practise from you and baby you can also do a front carry, a hip carry, and when you are really ready you can even master a perfectly safe back carry.
Some of the more basic models will come with no flexibility and so you will have to choose the size you buy with care, but now a lot of Pouch Slings are manufactured with guidelines and velcro or fittings which mean you have more adjustability and so you can buy a pouch which is great for sharing between you and your partner.
They are inexpensive, quick to put on and take off, and will fold up and store neatly and compactly, making them great if you have a child who is toddling but needs to be carried every now and again when they feel the need for some cuddle time!
Wallaboo Pouch Sling 5
Here is a quick introduction to the different types and styles of Babywearing
  • a length of fabric attached to sturdy rings making an adjustable sling with a pouch or pocket which baby fits snuggly and safely inside
  • a length of fabric sewn into a loop, to be worn across the body as a sling with a curved pocket or ‘pouch’ for baby, these are easier to pop on and off, but lack the flexibility of a ring sling
  • Rectangular or Square body with four straps attached (shoulder and waist), worn as front, hip or back carriers with babies weight spread evenly across shoulders and hips
  • Inspired by the Mei Tai and rucksack/backpack design but with buckles to clip and close to hold baby in place. Usually with supportive shoulder padding and main supportive panel
  • For babies who can sit up on their own, over 4 months recommended, perching your baby on your hip with the help of a little support. These are probably best suited for short carries only but are fantastic for a quick fix of Babywearing
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