Ring Slings

Amazonas Ring Sling 1
Ring Slings are based on the traditional slings used in South America. Fabric is threaded through a set of rings to form a pouch or pocket into which you can sit your little one. There is excess fabric which hangs down from the rings and this is called the tail, this will allow you to adjust the sling for a great fit for you and your little one. A great tip for using a ring sling is to make sure that you are carrying your little one tight to your body, the tighter he is the better the weight will be distributed.
This type of carrier is suitable from birth right up to toddler, with a ring sling it is possible to do a front carry from birth both upright and reclined, and a hip carry. In a ring sling it is quick and easy to move baby from one position to another if you need to feed them or for a little snooze.
Ring Slings come in all different fabrics and styles, infact if you find a fabric you like you will be able to find a pattern or a maker to make one for you. Most parents can share a Ring Sling thanks to how versatile they are. Many slings will now come padded at the shoulder for extra comfort and some even come with a built in pocket in the tail.
They are affordable, versatile, and easy to master, can be used from newborn right up to toddling and as they are so easily pop on and off-able it is great for the toddling stage when your little one might want some exploring time but also some hugging time.
Ellaroo Ring Sling 5
Here is a quick introduction to the different types and styles of Babywearing
  • a length of fabric attached to sturdy rings making an adjustable sling with a pouch or pocket which baby fits snuggly and safely inside
  • a length of fabric sewn into a loop, to be worn across the body as a sling with a curved pocket or ‘pouch’ for baby, these are easier to pop on and off, but lack the flexibility of a ring sling
  • Rectangular or Square body with four straps attached (shoulder and waist), worn as front, hip or back carriers with babies weight spread evenly across shoulders and hips
  • Inspired by the Mei Tai and rucksack/backpack design but with buckles to clip and close to hold baby in place. Usually with supportive shoulder padding and main supportive panel
  • For babies who can sit up on their own, over 4 months recommended, perching your baby on your hip with the help of a little support. These are probably best suited for short carries only but are fantastic for a quick fix of Babywearing
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